Why PTC is My Secret Weapon for Success Online

This is a follow up post really as I have already discussed some of the main benefits of using PTC sites in this post: Why It Pays To Click! Today I want to really focus in on the idea of PTC being a ‘secret weapon’ for success online. This is a lot more strategic, and really is the reason behind my own success.

Fact is you can use PTC to build ANY business online, and NO I am not talking about using the advertising feature it provides. I am talking about using it to overcome many of the barriers to success. Here are just a few:

Using PTC to Build a Team

The first option I want to discuss is team building. Lets imagine you are wanting to build a team for an MLM business (or any other type of online earning site). There are various ways PTC can be used to overcome barriers in building a team:

  • Using PTC to create an ever increasing advertising budget (which can be used on any platform).
  • Building trust with those who want to see results from day 1.
  • Helping people to earn the cost of paid programs in advance.
  • Introducing people to alternative advertising options.
  • They provide a simple and free introduction to working online.

Using PTC to Generate Sales

  • Using PTC to create an ever increasing advertising budget (which can be used on any platform).
  • Helping people to earn the cost of purchases in advance.

Real Life Example

To really help you to see the benefits of using PTC sites to build any business online here is a detailed strategy that I personally use very successfully:

I currently build multiple teams, and consistently reach high levels of referrals. This is actually very simple to do when you use PTC sites. Let me explain how I built a team of 47 PAID referrals on a site called Passive Tron Profits within a few days.

For those who like to see the proof – In image 1 below you can see that I do have 47 refs and the amount of earnings I have made on site. In the second image you can see that every ref is upgraded (I could add multiple pics to show them all, but you get the point I am sure from this selection).

Exactly How I got 47 paid referrals on Passive Tron Profits

Step 1: I joined free PTC sites and did some ad clicks.

Step 2: I built earnings up to $50 which I could withdraw. Note that I could have followed this process with $5 or $10 just as easily. $50 is 2 or 3 days worth of PTC earnings for me….

Step 3: I converted my earnings into Tron cryptocurrency and added it to my own account.

Step 4: I gave away free positions to people who want to work online funded by my PTC earnings.

I am continuing to build Passive Tron Profits using on site earnings to give away more funded positions and have a target of 100 people I want to reach. Do feel free to join me on this site if you haven’t already done so – I will upgrade you ASAP when my earnings cover the costs.

Click Here to Join Passive Tron Profits

Giving away these free (self funded) positions to 100+ people means that they will earn daily just for logging in to the site. I earned commission from them becoming paid members, and when they earn each day. This gives me more earnings to use to give away more positions. When my referrals use their earnings to move up to level 2 and beyond then I will earn more commission. I earn a profit on my initial costs as people upgrade.

That is not the end of the process…..

In a few weeks time I will have at least 100 team members on this site who are happily earning each day. After they have been earning for a little while I will contact them all again and tell them I have another opportunity I think they might like. How many of the 100 people are likely to join another site that I recommend? My guess, based on previous experience, is at least 90%. Why? Because I built TRUST with them already….. they are earning already and they would no doubt like to earn more!

Team building really does not have to be hard work at all….

Happy Earning

Ellie xx

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