Why It Pays To Click!

As most of my readers know already, I love using PTC or paid to click earning sites. After working online for many years (and trying pretty much every earning option there is), I have come to the conclusion that PTC is one of the best ways to create financial freedom online. So many people don’t get it though, so today I want to explain why it pays to click!

The simple truth about working online is that you usually need to be good at either making sales, or team building to be successful. Most people are terrible at doing both of these things! Of course there are people who are good at them too, but they are definitely in the minority.

In my opinion the main issue when it comes to online success then is that you are relying on other people to take action:

With selling, you are dependant on having the right goods to sell at the right price, and other people buying stuff from you. You are dependant on knowing how to make sales in the first place, which is not always easy. You are also dependant on your customers having the money to purchase things, and their desire or need at the time you are trying to make sales. This chain of events can be interrupted very very easily. All it takes is a high street sale, or a new competitor business opening for people to buy elsewhere. There is also the impact of customers having unexpected bills, or job losses etc.

With team building, the chain gets even longer. You then become dependant on other people to take action (such as making sales) as well as the dependance on their customers purchasing habits.

Having been involved in this dependance cycle to build my own income online in the past, I can say without a doubt it is one of the most frustrating things I have ever done. If you are determined and do not give up, then you will manage to get some customers. Just as you think you are building your customer base though, often previous customers stop buying. You are also likely to get into the purchasing for yourself cycle which reduces your income, and often costs more than you earn actually.

The same kind of thing happens with team building. One of the most common issues with this is getting people who actually work, or who stay with you.

I am sure that many of my readers can relate to those experiences.

Now lets compare this with PTC earning:

You are NOT dependant on making sales, and you are NOT dependant on other people making sales. Yes you are dependant on others placing the ads in the first place, but there is an ever growing number of people advertising online. You DO NOT have to build a team of people to make money either.

The main benefit of PTC earning in my opinion, is the simple fact that when you take action (click the ads) then you will earn something for doing that. Earning this way is guaranteed (as long as you use genuine sites). With selling and team building you can take a lot of action and earn nothing.

How many of you have just said to yourself some version of “but you earn so little with PTC”? I am sure quite a few….. so lets compare the earnings for a second as well:

Imagine you are selling cosmetics or health products and you get 1 customer purchasing goods which cost $20. Often your commission level on these sales is around 10%, so you earned $2. Maybe if you are lucky you earn 20% commission and you earned $4.

Customers tend to purchase this kind of product once a month. So you earned $2 or $4 for the month, AND are likely to have needed to do quite a bit of work to earn that. Your customer may or may not purchase again next month. You may also have costs involved in delivery if you work on building a local customer base.

With PTC sites it is very easy to earn at least $0.10 per day. You can do that within about 10 – 20 mins very often, you are not relying on others, and you have earned $3 for the month. If you spend longer clicking ads then you can earn more each day.

Ok so earning a couple of $$ per month is not going to change anyones life, or provide a job replacing income…… or is it?

Actually when you can create a consistent income from zero, even if it is only a few $$ per month, you CAN build income to much higher levels quite easily. For example when you use that few dollars to purchase a membership of a site that pays you daily for logging in, you can increase your income from $0.10 per day to maybe $0.15 per day = $4.50 per month instead of $3.

Use that $4.50 to purchase another membership, or upgrade, or even add rented referrals to your account and you increase your daily income again.

Using this system it is quite simple to build income to $1 per day, $5 per day, $10 per day and onwards. You soon reach earnings of $100+ per month doing this, and onward to $1000+ per month. Yes it takes a little time to build up, but with consistent action it is practically impossible for your income to not increase. In fact you can use this system to continually move your income up towards ANY level you choose.

All it takes is a few minutes per day clicking ads….. or maybe an hour or two if you really want to build your income. There is no stress, no sales to make, no recruiting required, and the only person you are dependant on is yourself. EVERYONE can do it and succeed.

In my opinion its a “no brainer” and I don’t really understand why people don’t do it more…..

If you want a list of earning sites that I use to generate income of over $1000+ per month then you can find it here: My Daily Earning Routine (That Pays Me Over $1000+ Per Month).

Happy Earning!

Ellie xx

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