Why Everyone Should Do The Daily Poll On Timebucks!

I love Timebucks…… I will say it over and over and over again. I know that some people think it is not worth the time and effort, but in my opinion they are just not using it in the right way.

Truth is you DO NOT have to spend a lot of time on the Timebucks website doing low value earning tasks. In fact you could spend less than 1 min on site and still get $250. For this reason alone I believe that EVERYONE who has an internet connection should join and complete the daily poll.

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How Can You Get $250 for Working Less Than 1 Min?

On Timebucks there is a weekly sweepstake opportunity which is provided completely for free. The top prize is $250 in cash (can be withdrawn in multiple ways all over the world).

There are additional cash prizes too: $50 for the second winner, $30 for the third winner, $10 each for winners 4 – 10 and $5 each for winners 11 – 30.

To get 100 completely free entries into the sweepstake you just need to log in. You will get 700 free entries then if you do this every day.

Click Here To Join Timebucks

Why Complete The Daily Poll?

Ok so if you get completely free entries just for logging in then why am I recommending you complete the daily poll?

First of all it gives you a reason to actually visit the site in the first place. Its very hard to remember to log in if you don’t have something to do on site.

Second, you might as well complete the daily poll when you have logged in because it takes about 3 seconds to do.

Third however is the main reason….. because you are GUARANTEED to get a payment every now and again if you do it. Its like giving yourself a winning ticket because you will definitely be able to make a withdrawal.

How To Complete The Daily Poll

Log in.

Click on Earn Button.

On survey page you land on click the rate heading at the top of the list. This brings the daily poll to the top of the list.

Click on green start button and you will be taken to the daily poll page. You should see another green button which says “Click Here to Take the Daily Poll” as shown below:

After clicking this you will see the poll. You simply need to read the question and chose an answer from the list. Here is an example of a daily poll question:

When you choose the answer the Daily Poll is Complete…… and funds will have been added to your account. You will get the thank you notification as shown below:

Here is an extra tip for you if you are working on social media……

Use the daily poll question to encourage interaction from your followers!

It usually works very well to get people to reply.

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