Why Blog With GDI (and How)?

I recently shared a post called Fast Cash, Risk Free Method – How To Earn $1000 in 7 Days, and one of the sites I highly recommended in that post is Global Domains International or GDI as it is most often called. Today I want to talk in more detail about actually using GDI as a means to writing a self hosted blog.

The first thing that I will say is I know that a lot of people have tried earning with GDI and failed. Many people sign up and then cancel their memberships within a few months….. the reason for this is because they are not instructed in how to actually use the account to make a profit. When you know how to use the account correctly it can make a huge difference to how you view the account, and of course to your own success with it too.

Please note you DO NOT need to build a team on GDI to make a profit with it!

In my opinion one of the best things you can do with a GDI account is to use it to write a blog. There are several other options you can use it for as well, but as I have been writing blogs now for many years, that is top of my recommendations list.

Why Blog?

The main reason to write a blog is to brand yourself and stand out as a professional (or at least someone willing to put in the time and effort to guide and teach others). This is an extremely powerful tool, especially when it comes to those who want to succeed at working online. It immediately sets you apart from the “Johnny Come Lately” people who appear and disappear at the drop of a hat. There are so many people who try working online for a few weeks or months, and then just give up and/or move on to something new, but those who blog are usually much more serious about what they do.

Fact is it takes time to write a blog. It takes even longer to build a following who really want to hear what you have to say…… but it is worth every minute spent. In all my years working online I have never found a more powerful platform, nor one which tells the reader more about the kind of person you are. In the realms of know, like and trust (which are vital to succeed online) a blog pretty much tops everything else. Fact is it is quite impossible for the reader to not gain an insight into the author of a blog, especially when that person writes consistently over a long period of time.

I know it can be a bit scary thinking about starting a blog, and many people think they have nothing to say, or simply don’t know how to do it – Just so you know, I had no clue whatsoever how to blog when I started and I had to actually google what a blog was. So if I can do it then so can you.

Why Blog with GDI?

Ok so maybe you already agree a blog is a good thing to do – Why use GDI?

I know there are plenty of free blog platforms to choose from, so you might be wondering why you would pay $10 a month for a place to host your blog? Again one of the main reasons is because it sets you apart from crowd. Its a bit like the difference between cheap and expensive cars, or the type of house you live in – those things are often used by other people to make some kind of judgement about how successful you are in life. I am not saying its right or accurate to do so…. am just saying that these impressions do count, especially when there is a lack of “real life contact” available.

So ask yourself the questions:

  • Do you want to give the impression that you are successful or not?
  • Would you rather take advice about working online from someone who is already successful or the person just starting out?
  • Would you trust someone who uses free options for their business to teach you how to make money? What does it say about their own financial situation?

These are all important things to consider when it comes to blogging and which option you choose to use.

In terms of value for money, the package that GDI offers is extremely good as well. Similar packages with other companies cost $500+ per year. They may advertise saying its only $2 a month to start….. but then you have to pay for so many extra things, or you have to pay for 5 years in advance. That makes the actual cost much higher. I can honestly say I don’t think you will find a better value hosting plan anywhere else.

Earning with a Blog

Now we get to the point which most people who join GDI do not understand. Fact is it is extremely easy to earn more than $10 a month by writing a blog. It does not need to have a load of posts, or have an established audience in order for you to make a profit either. In fact with a single post you can easily make a lot of money. Most marketers who earn with affiliate sales do that with a blog post, and earnings of thousands of dollars come from it month after month after month on complete autopilot. That is most definitely a skill worth learning if you really want to succeed online.

In addition, there are many other ways to monetize a blog. You can for example, with no skill or technical knowledge whatsoever, earn from the online advertising market. People make huge amounts of money just by allowing others to use their blog as an advertising space.

A third method, is to use the blog itself to build a team of people with 1 or more online opportunities. I personally use this option all the time. Thanks to this very blog I have built multiple teams of over 1000 people. That earns me a lot of money without me having to contact a single person or convince anyone to join my team on anything. People who are interested in earning online come to me and sign up by reading a blog post. That also has the added benefit of gaining me very active and engaged team members.

How To Create A Blog on GDI?

Step 1 = Click Here To Register For Your Account

The link above is a rotator link which I use to help my downline members to get referrals. To have your ref link included you need to email me to elliesearningteam@gmail.com with your link AND provide me with your sponsor details. Only those members who appear in my downline will be added – if you have an account already please use the link above to register again (you can hold multiple accounts).

Step 2 = Click Here To Log in to your account dashboard

Step 3 = Click on “WordPress and More” in side menu. Click on the button to enable WordPress Blog.

You will be emailed with the instructions on how to log in to your new blogging account.

I am delighted to provide training and guidance to help my team to create a profitable blog, including how to use any of the earning options discussed in this post.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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