What is a Traffic Exchange?

All websites and online businesses need traffic to be successful. Traffic being the number of people who visit a website or webpage. Simply put without traffic a website is dead.

When working online, traffic is therefore vital to your success. All traffic is not equal however. There is no point in getting people who are not interested in working online to visit a website that is all about working online for example. In other words it is important that your traffic is TARGETED to people who have an interest in the website topic and content.

One way to get targeted traffic in the work online industry is to use a traffic exchange service website.

What is a Traffic Exchange?

A traffic exchange is a site where people trade traffic with each other.  It works on a very simple principle of viewing other peoples adverts (called surfing) in exchange for other people viewing your adverts. By using a traffic exchange you know for sure that the people viewing your advert are interested in the work online industry. The reason they are using the site is because they work online too.

You may think there is little point in advertising a work online opportunity to people who are already working online….. and to some degree that is a problem with traffic exchanges. People who work online however do tend to be interested in the topic in general. They are certainly more likely to be interested in your advert than people who prefer to work in a regular 9-5 style job.

There are many different ways to use traffic exchanges that will help to increase the effectiveness of your advert, and I will go into that in detail in another post. Today I simply want to make sure you know exactly what a traffic exchange is, and how to use one.

How to Use a Traffic Exchange?

The best way for you to learn how to use one is by joining one of the top rated traffic exchanges available:

Click Here To Join Hungry for Hits Traffic Exchange

To start using Hungry for Hits, (which is a really fun traffic exchange btw), all you need to do is add the link to your website or webpage into the system and allocate a % of credits you want used for it. Then you simply surf some ads to have credits added to your account.

Here are the directions to follow to get your website added:

First click the Advertising tab at the top of the Hungry for Hits website, then click on the “My Ads” menu.

Under this My Ads Menu you will see all the different types of ads and related pages. Click on Websites to add your first link. There is a very simple form here to use. Add your website’s name in the top box and add the url in the second box. Make sure https:// or http:// is included in the url.

I advise leaving the number of hits per hour setting at 0 so traffic will be delivered as fast as possible.

Click “Add”.

If your advert isn’t automatically approved, it will be checked and approved manually by the admin.

As soon as you have added your site link then you need to allocate a % of ad credits to be used on that advert. Click on Auto Assign under the My Ads menu this time. Here I recommend you set 100% of the credits you earn from surfing to be automatically assigned to your sites.

After doing that you can move on to the next part of the process – surfing other peoples adverts for credits. This is the fun part!

Click on the Surf Button at the top of Hungry for Hits website:

This will automatically start your surfing session and an advert will appear on your screen. At the top of the advert you will see a timer counting down and then some images. To progress to the next advert you must click on the image that matches the one shown at the beginning:

Do that over and over again and you will have advertising credits automatically added to your own adverts. The more you surf the more advertising credits you will earn, and the more your advert will be seen by other members of Hungry for Hits.

Congratulations, if you followed the steps above you now have an advert running to promote your website or webpage!

There are a lot more features available on Hungry for Hits as you probably saw on the top menu while setting up your own advert etc. I will provide extra guidance on using these other features in a later blog post.

For now, happy surfing!

Oh and watch out for flying food…… lol

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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