Using Infinity Mailer Boost Effectively

Infinity Mailer Boost is what is known as a safelist advertising site. That means it uses one of the most effective methods of promotion online – email.

You can register for free on Infinity Mailer Boost and use the system to promote any site, program or product you choose (within the terms) without upgrading. You can also earn commission with a free account.

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After registering on Infinity Mailer Boost you will be taken to the dashboard which looks like this:

Although it looks quite complicated, its quite simple to use when you follow my guidance:

Step 1 – Earn Ad Credits

When you want to promote something to the other members of Infinity Mailer Boost you will need to have enough ad credits to do so. You can earn advertising credits by reading the emails sent out by other members.

To do this click on the green Read Messages button as highlighted in red below:

This will take you to a page with a list of the last 200 emails sent out by the members. Each of these can be opened to read by clicking on the message subject. A new window pops up with the email to read and a link which the member is promoting.

To earn advertising credits for reading the email you need to click on the link inside the email. This will open a new page with a timer bar showing at the top. When the timer bar counts down then a colour box appears and a word under the bar tells you which colour you should click on.

When you click on the correct colour then you will be awarded some credit. You will also see a continue reading button:

Everytime you read 10 messages you will earn what is called a reader reward share pool award. This will add funds into your account balance on the following day, which can be withdrawn or used to purchase advertising on site. In the image below you can see that I earned 10 reward pool shares for reading 100 emails today. I also have over 10,000 advertising credits in my account.

When you have earned sufficient advertising credits you can send an email to the other members.

Step 2 – Sending Emails To Other Members

You should aim to send your email to at least 250 members so your message appears on the read messages page. If you have a free account this might take a little time to reach, but it is worth waiting as you will get much better results.

To send an email to other members you need to click on the send mailing button:

On the following page make sure that you see the “ready to mail” notification. This shows you are qualified to send an email now.

Do check the important information section to make sure your email meets the terms of the site. You don’t want your account to be closed on you for breaching the rules. Then scroll down to the email box area:

Tips For Sending Emails on Infinity Mailer Boost

Just a few quick tips to help you with your emails:

  • Use the personalised from option instead of the viral hosts ones.
  • Make sure you can send your mail to at least 250 members so it shows on the read messages page.
  • Use a subject line that encourages people to actually read your email.
  • Keep the email as short as possible but make it increase curiosity levels of the reader.
  • Give a call to action such as click the link below, check it out now etc.
  • Make sure your link is correct and it opens to an activated capture page before you send the email.
  • Add a tracking code to the end of your link which indicates the traffic site used. In this case I added /IMB to tell me it is from Infinity Mailer Boost.

Infinity Mailer Boost is an excellent traffic site that ALWAYS gets me great results when I send my capture pages to the members. I do hope you find it equally effective and you have found this post useful.

Ellie xx

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  1. Your guidelines are very valid, all your teachings only increase my knowledge, but HERCULIST PLUS .COM sends my email with the capture page to 1000 members every day, and there I have 10,000 credits that I don’t I know what to do with them.( 1000 is better than 250 )

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