Using Free Advertising to Build Guaranteed Downline Club

I have already recommended a few sites that are great places to advertise Guaranteed Downline Club (GDC). Today I want to focus on 1 of those sites and teach you how to use it effectively to promote your links. The site I will be discussing is Ad Exchange Leads.

Click Here to Join Ad Exchange Leads

When you sign up for this site you have a choice of options and it is worth checking these out. You can sign up as a free member, and you will still earn with a free account, you simply earn more as a paid member. Remember you will be inviting every person in your GDC team to join Ad Exchange Leads as well. By upgrading on Ad Exchange Leads I have been earning a steady stream of $0.20 commissions just for getting free referrals. I also earn 90% on sales. That is in addition to having a lot more advertising available as well. The membership options and benefits can be seen below:

I have personally earned back over 3 times what I spent on my VIP upgrade on this site.

After logging in to the members area (past the offers pages) the first thing you should do is to use the promo code to add extra advertising to your account. This code is worth $50 of ads so don’t forget to use it. You will see the instructions on the members area page when you scroll down the page a bit.

Adding Banners to Ad Exchange Leads

The first thing I will show you is how to add banners to Ad Exchange Leads. After using the promo code you will have 5 banner ads available to set up. When you log into GDC and click on resources you will find there are 4 banners you can choose from:

I suggest you add 1 of each banner to Ad Exchange Leads. This is how to do that:

Click on set up ads/view stats on Ad Exchange Leads side menu. You will see where the banners can be added on that page:

Click on the Edit button and then you will see a simple form to complete:

Fill in the form as you see above (my ref link is for the rotator so I am promoting for everyone, you should use your ref link for GDC in this box).

Click on Preview Banner to make sure it is showing properly. If it is not showing correctly you have the information on the form wrong, or you have not copied the whole link for the banner image from under the banner in GDC resources page.

Only after you have checked the banner is working correctly click on save.

The banners you add will be approved by the admin on site and will start working for you on auto pilot.

Adding Text Links to Ad Exchange Leads

Next you should add the text links to Ad Exchange Leads. Again you are just filling in a simple form to do this:

This time you need to write a catchy sentence in the subject line box. Something like Want to get paid for free referrals? or Get Paid to Build Your List!

This text is what will attract people to click on your ad…… try to be creative!

Your ref link goes in the bottom box on the form.

Click save and the ad will get approved by admin just like before.

Sending A Solo Ad on Ad Exchange Leads

Lastly for today I am going to show you how to send a Solo Ad. You need to use your credits to purchase the solo ad and then set it up.

This is one of the most effective ways to advertise as the advert will go out to every site member. It will land in their email account and so you need to write that email. I suggest you use the following:

Subject Line: Leads and Cash Are Flying In!

Ad Body: I’ve never seen so many leads coming in using a free system.

Its so simple too.

I am building my email list AND earning $0.50 per lead at the same time.

You have got to try it for yourself.

Just click the link below and register your free account today.

Build your business and income the easy way……

It REALLY works!


Just click on the send button and your link will be checked that it doesn’t break the frames on the ad site. It will then get approved by admin and be sent off to all members.

Thats it for today……. good luck for results from you ads!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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