Turning Cents into Dollars

When working online I think the main thing that stops people from becoming successful is the fact that they do not learn how to turn cents into dollars. Instead people look at free earning sites that allow them to earn a few dollars per day as “a waste of time”. They just do not see the massive earning potential they really provide, so today I want to make it very clear…..

Its quite ironic really that the same people who think free earning sites are a waste of time are the ones who are easily taken in by scams. They prefer to spend $100 to buy some nonsense that promises returns of 50% in a single day, or to pay $10 every month while waiting for someone else to get them paid referrals. Then they blame others because they do not get rich in a few weeks…..

Newsflash – THAT is the kind of behaviour that encourages the scammers to scam. THAT is why there are so many stupid ads that promote unrealistic earning goals.

Instead of doing that, and taking a risk with your money all the time, don’t get taken in by the next big promise, instead I urge you now to do something REAL that will pay you the high level income you desire…… and YES you can achieve it without spending a penny to get started.

Trust me when I say when you learn how to turn cents into dollars then you will never fail again. Let me show you how!

How To Turn Cents Into Dollars?

There are many ways of doing this, but the main options that I personally prefer and use are:

  • Purchasing low cost upgrades on traffic sites and promoting those sites to others.
  • Buying real courses or books that teach skills such as marketing.
  • Renting referrals on PTC sites to build a large downline with daily returns…..(Yes they do work when used correctly!)
  • Spending a small amount on things like craft products or ingredients that can be sold for more after turning them into a desirable product.

A Simple Example

Spend 10 – 30 mins per day doing very simple tasks on Timebucks to earn $0.50 per day.

Do this every day until you have earned $10.

Use the $10 to purchase a one off advertising package on Elite List Building.

Promote Elite List Building to people already using other traffic sites.

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Keep promoting until you have earned $20 in commission.

Well done you have just doubled your $10.

Now keep pomoting until you have earned $100 in commission.

Well done you have now turned a few cents per day into $10, then turned that into $100……

The main benefit of doing this is you are using a REAL and SUSTAINABLE method of earning online which works worldwide. You can start completely for free, earn a few cents per day and build a very high level of income.

There is NO RISK attached and as long as you keep promoting you WILL make a profit.

For a list of traffic sites that work to get referrals for Elite List Building Check Out My Simple Success System…… its free and it works non stop to build income!

More Advanced Example

If you want to use a slightly more advanced system then you just need to add a little bit to the method just described:

By using the method above, which pays you commission, you will also have advertising available to use. With this advertising you can promote another traffic site to the members of Elite List Building.

To make the best use of this, simply use $10 or $20 that you have earned already to purchase an upgrade on another traffic site, and use your advertising on Elite List Building to promote that site. Keep promoting until you get sales.

Do you see how this more advanced method becomes self funding AND provides you with a means of making unlimited money online?

Advertising is one of the most in demand products online and the easiest to sell. That is especially true when you are promoting traffic sites to people who already use traffic sites.

More Examples

Do you want to learn more about using this method of earning?

I provide an ongoing list of examples in My Simple Success System, which are laid out in order of which sites to join and where to promote them. This system builds VERY high income levels by turning cents into dollars just like in the example above. The information is provided in a daily email to guide you on EXACTLY the steps you need to take.

EVERYONE can make a high level income by using simple methods that turn cents into dollars……

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