Turning $0.00 into $1000 – A Personal Challenge (but you can join in)

I have decided to give myself an earning challenge to work on….. just for fun really, but with a purpose too.

Its been quite nice weather wise here in Ireland the past few days and I am looking forward to going on a van trip! 

For those who don’t know already I bought myself a campervan with my online earnings a few months ago….. but lockdown has stopped me going very far in it.  

Yesterday I had this idea about creating a travel fund pot and then that led me to setting myself this challenge.  You guessed it the the challenge is to turn $0.00 into $1000.  

I wonder how long it will take me! 

Anyway for anyone who wants to join in with this challenge along with me, I will be posting the details of how I am doing it. This means you can literally follow along with me and copy what I do.

Are you up for the challenge?

If you are the first thing you need is a free account which pays you to join.  That way you get off the starting block straight away.

I need an account I haven’t been working on already to start this challenge so I am going to use Guaranteed Downline Club – it pays you $5 to join and $0.50 per free referral you get signed up. The claim level is $50 so that will be a nice amount to kick off the challenge!

Click Here to Join Guaranteed Downline Club

Just to prove that I haven’t been working on this account already here is a screenshot:

I signed up in July last year and did nothing…… I was rather sceptical about how long this would be around to be honest. Its still here though, and I know how they are paying the earnings now too, so it makes more sense than it did when I joined.

So $5 has been earned by me for signing up…… and thats all. I could have done that this morning with a new account!

In the spirit of you earning along with me do add a comment below to say if you got your $5 for joining up too.

Keep an eye out for my post updates because I will be sharing all kinds of hints and tips to help you with this challenge. You can subscribe below to get my new blog posts delivered direct to your inbox should you want to.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

14 thoughts on “Turning $0.00 into $1000 – A Personal Challenge (but you can join in)

  1. Hello Ellie ,congratulations for your decision to travel …I did join and the 5$ are in the account balance ….I will follow the challenge and in my case is the funds pot will be used to help to pay my debts….

  2. hi, i have joined as your referral and got my 5$
    email i joined is different from the one in your autoresponder series

  3. Hi Ellie, I joined GDC last August and, like you, did nothing with it. I’d actually forgotten about it – my $5 is still theere, so I’d better start promoting it 🙂

  4. I have also joined and received my $5. My problem is getting referrals. How do I go about doing that……

  5. I’ve joined – need to know what to do next – is there a blog or guide with information please?

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