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The Easy Business Builder, or EBB as it is called on site, is the latest development from Graham Frame, owner and creator of We Share Abundance.

Today I look at EBB in detail, and explain what it can do for you!

For those who like to watch the video presentation, I have included that below, but for all the benefits do read on!

Advertising/List Building

Basically EBB is an advertising program that allows you access to the full database of members of We Share Abundance. With over 45,000 members We Share Abundance is one of the largest online communities around. What makes it special is the members are already opening practically EVERY email that is sent to them. They are doing this because of the unique payment system that is in place – members can earn up to $5 per day simply for logging in and reading all the emails in their inbox.

In other words, sending an email using the internal mail system, means that you are likely to get one of the highest open rates for ANY online advertising system. Using the internal mail system gives you 100% deliverability, and 100% open rates for emails in this system are quite commonplace as well (though can’t be guaranteed obviously).


The cost of Easy Business Builder starts at just $2, and this package will give you access to a randomly selected 5% of Dreamer members (which is about 600 people right now). Dreamer members are those who have joined as a free member.

To increase the number of people you have access to, you can simply choose one of the higher cost packages. These are:

EBB levels:

  1. Dreamer (Free Members)
  2. Believer; $ 2 = Mail approx 600 members
  3. Pioneer; $ 5 = Mail approx 1,200 members
  4. Scout; $ 10 = Mail approx 1,800 members
  5. Wagon Master; $ 20 = Mail approx 2,400 members
  6. Warrior; $ 40 = Mail approx 3,600 members
  7. Warrior Chief; $100 = Mail approx 4,800 members

The actual members you can email are changed each month, effectively giving you access to the full database of members over several months. Note the number of members is constantly increasing, and so you will get mailing access to more and more people each month as well.

Commission for Referrals

The packages ALSO offer 100% commission on referral purchases of the same level or below in the first month, and 10% in following months. This means, if you purchased a $2 position and introduce 5 others who purchase a $2 position you will earn $10 in the first month and an additional $1 per month going forward.

If you purchase $100 position and introduce 5 others who purchase a $100 position you will earn $500 in the first month and $50 per month going forward.

By introducing a single paid member each month at the same level as yourself, your own position is effectively free.

Extra Benefits

In addition, for each purchase of an EBB package, you will get the same amount added to your Nest Egg Wallet with each subscription. The Nest Egg wallet is held for later access, giving you a savings program that repays you 100% of the funds you have paid into your advertising.

In addition to the mailing system, those with a paid subscription to EBB can add their own programs to the on site downline builder.

There is a bonus pool share system in place, and a monthly lottery with high cash prizes.

Withdrawal of EBB funds within 24hrs.

Additional income streams are provided via the downline builder section of the site.

How To Join?

To access EBB and the other parts of We Share Abundance, simply click here to register for free. To purchase the packages for EBB click on either EBB and pools on the side menu, or the manage button in the Easy Business Builder section of your dashboard.

On the EBB management page you can choose the package that suits you from the list. Details for each package are provided for extra information before you make the purchase. As you can see below, I have the top level package of Warrior Chief.

Currently the payment method is via Coinpayments and you can choose from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Etherum, Tron, Tether, USD or Waves.

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