The Easiest Way to Earn Online

Without a doubt the easiest way to earn online is by promoting traffic sites to others who are advertising an earning opportunity. This is because traffic is ALWAYS in demand.

Here is my step by step guide to earning by promoting traffic sites:

Step 1 – Join a High Converting Traffic Site

The first thing you need to do is to join a traffic site that has proven itself to convert referrals into buyers. For this I recommend Elite Traffic Team.

Click Here to Join Elite Traffic Team

Elite Traffic Team is my personal traffic site, and I have added a lot of additional ways to earn on this site. I also know for sure it is converting well because I pay commission out daily.

There are 2 main ways to earn with Elite Traffic Team:

Making Advertising Sales

Building Referrals on Additional Sites

Follow the steps below to help you do BOTH at the same time.

Step 2 – Update the Downline Builders on Elite Traffic Team

In the side menu on Elite Traffic Team you will see a list of pages. Several of these pages are what is known in this industry as downline builders. These are pages which are designed specifically to help you to build multiple teams on various earning sites WITHOUT having to promote them individually. These are very effective when used correctly.

The pages you should look for are at the top of the list as shown in the image below:

There may be more downline builder pages added since writing this guide so do check for others as well.

To make good use of the downline builders all you need to do is register on each site by clicking on the banner provided. Next, copy your own referral link for the site and enter it in the blank box. Don’t forget to click the update button.

When you have done this the page effectively becomes a promotional tool that works for you on auto pilot.

After you have updated these downline builders it is time to promote Elite Traffic Team. Here is the guide for promoting:

Step 3Join Secondary Traffic Sites

What you need to do next is to promote Elite Traffic Team to other people who are ALREADY using traffic sites to promote their business to others. These people are your target audience as they are most likely to join a new traffic site. There are thousands of traffic sites online, and you can use any of them you choose. Here is my list of sites that consistently get me referrals on Elite Traffic Team:

Ad Exchange Leads

Viral URL


Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Hungry for Hits

All of these traffic sites are listed on Elite Traffic Team under the Automated Team Building, Leads and Traffic downline builder. Please use the links provided there to sign up to these sites so you join under the person who referred you to Elite Traffic Team.

Step 4: Promote Elite Traffic Team

The next step is simply to promote Elite Traffic Team on these other traffic sites. Note that you can do this completely for free.

To promote Elite Traffic Team on other traffic sites you should use the tools that are provided for you in the affiliate tools and stats section on Elite Traffic Team.

You will find your personal referral link for Elite Traffic Team, Splash Page links, Banners, Emails etc in the affiliate tools section. Each of these is coded with your referral link so anyone who joins Elite Traffic Team by clicking on them will automatically be added to your downline on Elite Traffic Team.

When those people follow this guide and update the downline builders etc they will be placed on YOUR team on all the other sites as well.

Specific Traffic Site Guides

Here are some guides that will show you how to add your adverts on to the other traffic sites:

Click here for a guide on how to add your own adverts to Ad Exchange Leads

(More will be added here ASAP)

Step 5: Optional Upgrading

This step is completely optional, however it will increase the amount you earn from promoting Elite Traffic Team. This is because you earn less commission on advertising sales when you are a free member than you do when you have upgraded your account. The difference is quite considerable.

For example here are the rates of commission you will earn if you get a referral who upgrades to VIP level during the login offer of $97 on Elite Traffic Team:

Free Members earn $24.25 in commission on a $97 VIP membership sale.

Gold Members earn $ 38.80 for the same sale.

Platinum Members earn $48.50 for that same sale.

Elite Members earn $58.20 for that same sale.

JV Members earn $72.75 for that same sale.

VIP Members earn $77.60 for that same sale.

For this reason it is a good idea to upgrade on Elite Traffic System as soon as you can. You can use your earned commission to do so if you wish.

I hope you have found this guide helpful. Many people make a full time level income from promoting traffic sites online. It is something that does require consistency and patience, but if you keep promoting Elite Traffic Team I can practically guarantee that you will earn from doing so.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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  1. Thank you Ellie, this is a very helpful, valuable and useful guide. I am very happy to have found your system for achieving online success which is a fantastic and guaranteed system to generate online wealth. Thank you for giving us this incredible opportuntiy to generate online income. It has never been easier to earn online than with this system!! I cannot highly recommend it enough***

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