The Easiest Way to Earn Online for Free (Takes 10 mins per day)

There are so many different ways to earn online, but a lot of these methods can be really hard work. Things like MLM companies where you have to make sales all the time, AND build teams to make decent amounts.

Affiliate marketing is great, but takes quite a bit of time to learn! You also need to have funnels and capture pages and autoresponders etc for it to work.

So what is the easiest way to earn online for free?

How about sites where you hardly need to do anything at all? Maybe things that take 5 – 10 mins a day?

Here is a list of 10 sites that pay you for doing very little (and they all work worldwide):

Free Bitcoin – Log in and click the roll button (available every hour).

Stormgain – Log in and activate the miner that runs for 4 hours automatically.

We Share Abundance – Log in once per day to earn up to $5 a day.

Website Traffic Rewards – Earn $0.10 – $0.20 per day for logging in.

Honeygain – Activate the app and earn cash from your unused data automatically.

Cointiply – Complete the faucet roll (every hour).

CoinPayU – Complete the faucet roll (every hour).

Leadsleap – View 10 websites for daily pay.

Infinity Traffic Boost – View 10 websites for daily pay.

Timebucks – Login for free sweepstake tickets (can win $250) & complete daily poll.

Completing these tasks daily will easily earn you $150 – $200 a month.

There are ways of using this daily routine to earn a lot more cash each month as well. All you need to do is use the funds you earn to create passive income. After a few months of doing that you can boost your income to $300 – $500 a month. After a year it can easily reach $1000+ per month. All by ‘working’ for 10 mins a day!

One thought on “The Easiest Way to Earn Online for Free (Takes 10 mins per day)

  1. On this 10 sites. I am active on 4 and that is, WSA, TB and cointiply. I am making stead progress. At WSA I am earning $5 per day. I cash out at TB after a month or so.
    I tried Leadsleap and ITB but gave up.

    I may have signed up on the others but not active. I feel there are just too many sites which you have given us and there is a needs for each individual to priotise the sites according what is working for them.
    Otherwise, I am happy with you guidance and coaching

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