The Easiest Way to Earn $10 A Day Online?

If you are just starting out with working online, a great target to aim for is earning $10 a day. If you can do that then it can make a really big difference to your life. Especially when you can get that $10 a day on autopilot.

Sadly earning $10 a day online can be really tough in some parts of the world. It often seems like the earning is highest and easiest only for people who live in the US or UK.

To help my friends from other parts of the world especially, here is a simple system that will allow you to earn $10 a day doing nothing more complicated than ad clicks!

First you need to join a site called Top Surfer, which is a traffic exchange site. This will pay you $0.30 per day for surfing 100 ads. You will also be earning advertising credits at the same time.

Here are my earnings from one day:

Click Here to Join Top Surfer

After joining you need to click on the Your Money section and complete the profile details or you won’t get paid for your surfing. Then you can click on the 100 Email Solo Ads which pay $0.003 for each one viewed. There are surf ads too which pay as well.

So how do you earn $10 a day on autopilot?

On Top Surfer you can upgrade to become a Wholesale Seller which costs $10 but also pays you 100% commission. You get a lot of benefits as a Wholesale Seller:

  • 5000 Ad Credits
  • 100% commission
  • WordPress Website Hosting (which can be used to promote any business)
  • Cash when your referrals surf
  • Get advertising in the company Newsletter
  • Free membership of SEO Checkbox (a site that will help you with SEO advertising)
  • The ability to offer people ad credits for joining a program of your choice
  • Done for you advertising added to the bottom of Top Surfer pages
  • A free app for adding coupons on Facebook
  • Google plus Authority E-book
  • Traffic Full Blast E-book
  • Instant Affiliate Marketing Course
  • Internet Marketing Survival Guide
  • Extra Website Scripts, Software and E-books
  • 50% Discount off Advertising Purchases

Thats over $100 worth of value that you get for just $10. The package is also designed specifically to help you learn how to promote ANY product or opportunity and includes done for you advertising…..

Best of all in my opinion, you, and most importantly your referrals can actually earn the $10 to pay for this upgrade just by surfing the ads on site. Getting ANY free referrals who click ads will therefore give you a small profit each day, and when they upgrade you earn $10.

With 30 referrals who upgrade you will be earning $10 a day, 100 referrals who upgrade will pay you $1000 a month….. and so on.

Not sure how to get referrals? I can help teach you EXACTLY how to get 100+ referrals on complete autopilot!



Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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