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Two days ago I decided to start my earn $1000 challenge from zero….. so far I have earned $11.00 for myself, $5.50 for my upline and at least $6 for my referrals. I have done this through the power of team building on auto pilot. Today I am going to talk about how exactly to do that.

First of all a quick screenshot of my Guaranteed Downline Club account:

In case you don’t know already this is the account I decided to use to kick start my $1000 challenge. It pays $5 for signing up for a free account and then $0.50 per referral.

So how can you build this account on auto pilot?

You can build pretty much any team on auto pilot to be honest, but I chose this one for a few specific reasons:

  • Its free to join
  • It pays $5 to sign up for a free account
  • It pays for adding free referrals
  • It includes tools to help with automated team building

In other words this account makes it as easy as possible for you to actually add team members due to the incentives provided. The easiest team builds to do are for free accounts that pay for joining.

To start the automation process you need what is known as a lead capture page. I have already provided guidance on how to create one of these pages in my post: How to Create A Capture Page for Free. This is a very good skill to learn and I suggest you do read that post. If you prefer to keep things really simple however inside the Guaranteed Downline Club you will find a link to join Lead Lightning:

You can sign up for a free account with Lead Lightning and I highly recommend you do that. Personally I paid for the $7 upgrade as this allows me to earn commission from this site as well as Guaranteed Downline Builder. It also opens additional benefits and resources as shown below:

With this single $7 payment there is a lot of value provided, especially for people new to the idea of team building on auto pilot. I’m pretty sure at least some of my referrals will upgrade at some point. Its worth it for the training on traffic generation alone. Even with the free account however you will be getting some very useful tools. The most important of these is the high converting lead capture page – you CANNOT automate your team building without one of these pages.

The Next Step in The Automation Process

After you have a lead capture page you basically need to direct a lot of people towards that page. There are many ways to do that – my preferred method is using traffic sites such as:

Hungry for Hits

Infinity Traffic Boost


I advise signing up for a free account on each of these traffic sites and using them to promote your lead capture page. You will earn extra cash on each of these accounts as well just for using them to promote your page.

In my next blog post I will explain more about the automation process which includes moving towards higher level earnings. You can subscribe to my updates below if you want a notification in your inbox when I post that:

Do take a moment to comment below to let me know if you have followed my advice on this post – Remember it is all part of the earn $1000 challenge!

Did you join Lead Lightning?

Did you join the traffic sites?

Do you need any extra guidance on using these 3 traffic sites?

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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