Is Scarlet Clicks My Best Performing PTC?

I am currently using 7 different PTC sites on a daily basis (as listed below). Now that I have started working on these and posting so many guides and updates about using PTC sites I keep getting asked “Which PTC site is performing best”? Also “Which PTC site is best to start off with?” TheContinue reading “Is Scarlet Clicks My Best Performing PTC?”

Increase Daily Earnings For Success Online

Click Here To Get A Copy of This Post Sent By Email You may have noticed that I have been talking about PTC sites quite a lot recently, and the reason for that is because they are a major part of my earn $100,000 plan. In fact the plan I follow is very simple andContinue reading “Increase Daily Earnings For Success Online”

Help With Scarlet Clicks Account Management

Some of my group members recently started using Scarlet Clicks after seeing my results with PTC sites….. but have gone a little off track and need help. Today I am going to show you how to fix this account, but also more than that. If you need extra help with Scarlet Clicks earning just letContinue reading “Help With Scarlet Clicks Account Management”

Why PTC is My Secret Weapon for Success Online

This is a follow up post really as I have already discussed some of the main benefits of using PTC sites in this post: Why It Pays To Click! Today I want to really focus in on the idea of PTC being a ‘secret weapon’ for success online. This is a lot more strategic, andContinue reading “Why PTC is My Secret Weapon for Success Online”

Why It Pays To Click!

As most of my readers know already, I love using PTC or paid to click earning sites. After working online for many years (and trying pretty much every earning option there is), I have come to the conclusion that PTC is one of the best ways to create financial freedom online. So many people don’tContinue reading “Why It Pays To Click!”

Free Sites That Really Pay

If you want to start working online using free to join sites there are a LOT of them you can choose from. Sadly a lot of these sites either don’t pay at all, or are not very stable and close taking all your hard earned cash with them. This is a list of free sitesContinue reading “Free Sites That Really Pay”