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It is a lot of fun surfing on Hungry for Hits, and doing that will build your ad credits and cash balances at the same time. In my opinion, when you learn how to use Hungry for Hits, and use it daily, then you will be making progress each day too. The more you use it, the faster you will see progress.

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As with all traffic exchange sites, before you can start surfing you will need to add a link to your advertising section of Hungry for Hits. You will also have to allocate a % of your ad credits to that link. Follow the instructions below to complete these steps.

Adding Your Ad to Hungry for Hits

The first thing you need to do is add your ad to the advertising section. To do this simply click on Advertising on the top menu, and then choose My Ads. On the dropdown menu choose websites.

On this page you will see a form as shown below to add the details of your ad.

I suggest you give your ad a clear name that you know relates to your specific ad. Remember you are likely to use several different ads for each website you want to promote so use more than just the site name here. Add your site link to the url box and then choose the number of hits per hour you want. This hits per hour option stops the same person seeing your add over and over again and makes it more effective. A good choice for hits per hour is between 5 – 10 hits.

Click on add website and your ad will show on your advertising list. There you will be able to make adjustments and allocate credits etc.

Before you can start surfing you will be asked to allocate a % of your ad credits to your advert. This varies depending on the account type you have, so follow the guide about the % to allocate provided when you are setting up the Auto Assign.

Using Auto Assign

To find the auto assign option click on Advertising, then My Ads and choose Auto Assign from the drop down menu.

On this page you will see a list of the ads that you have added to your account, and to the side is the allocation box.

If you have a free account I believe you have to allocate 80% of your ad credits. As I have a paid account I don’t have to allocate any credits using the auto assign option. Should you have more than 1 ad you want to run you can divide the auto assign % between the ads or add to just 1 if you prefer.

How to Surf on Hungry for Hits

When you have added your advert and completed the allocation for auto assign you can start surfing. Just before you do that I recommend you look on the home page for the daily promo code which will give you a bonus for surfing 150 pages.

To use the promo code, click on the rewards tab and then promo codes. You will see the box to enter the code:

Now you are ready to start surfing. Click on the Surf tab and you will automatically start surfing. The first ad will be shown on the page along with a some images at the top of the page. To move forward you just need to click on the image which matches the first one you see. In the example below the image you need to click on is the birthday candles.

When you choose the correct image you will earn some ad credits and the next advert will be shown.

I highly recommend you also read my blog post Earning Cash on Hungry For Hits which will explain about the games which you will see while you are surfing. They do make it a lot of fun…..

Should you have any questions about using Hungry for Hits, feel free to ask me in the comments below. I will reply ASAP.

Happy Surfing

Ellie xx

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