Surf 100 for $64,000

This is a simple plan, which requires you to surf 100 pages a day on a high quality traffic site. You also need to get just 4 referrals who will do the same.

To help you with the team building side I am providing a system which has gained me over 400 referrals and just under 600 downline members (350+ active downline). I am also setting up a rotator system which means you will benefit from my personal promoting.

For those who like to see the proof of my own team numbers:

Remember you just need to get FOUR active team members who are surfing and promoting for this system to work! If you wish to join just follow the steps below:

Step 1

Join the team using this rotator link:

Click To Join The Team

Step 2

Log in to your account and surf 100 pages. You just need to click on the surf pages tab in the menu to start surfing. If you need more guidance about surfing you will find that here: How To Use Infinity Traffic Boost Effectively

Each time you surf 10 pages you will receive a surf pool share which is added to your account at midnight. You will see this in your account balance the following day.

It will start off as a small amount, but will soon start to grow as you progress. Full details of how you reach $64,000 is provided on this post: Infinity Traffic Boost Earning Plan

Step 3

Provide your personal referral link in the comments section of this post. I will check you have joined our team and that you have surfed 100 pages before adding it to the referral rotator linked above.

Note if you stop surfing daily you will be removed from the rotator.

Step 4

Promote the team lead capture page on as many traffic sites as you can.

The link for the page is:

If you want a list of traffic sites and guidance on how to use them, along with free promo codes so you don’t have to surf to earn credits etc you will find that on my website Elite List Building.

Click Here To Join Elite List Building

(This is also a referral rotator link)

Happy Earning

Keep Surfing Daily and Promoting and You Will Get Referrals….

Ellie xx

113 thoughts on “Surf 100 for $64,000

  1. Today 04/30 I made 99 pages of ads on the ITB website, they didn’t let me complete the 100 pages, I’m promoting the ITB website on 3 dissemination sites to get 4 referrals or more. I have no guarantees that by the end of May, the site will pay me USD$64,000.00, just your word that it’s real. I know I have to visit ITB every day and click on 100 ads, which at the end of the month will be 3,000 ads; I really need this money. If you want to answer me,

    1. You will not get $64,000 by the end of May and you can check the calculations on the site if you don’t want to take my word for it.

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