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If you are not building a portfolio of cryptocurrency in the current financial climate you really are missing out on extremely high potential earning. The Bitcoin boom has already made many millionaires, and cryptocurrency is still very much in its infancy.

Building Cryptocurrencies can also be quite risky. There is no telling when the value of a coin will drop, so personally I tend to avoid large investments. There is however a risk free method of benefiting from cryptocurrencies, and that is the option I prefer to use.

Step 1

Just like previous earning plans that I have already published, I like to start earning crypto for free. I have 2 main sites that I use to build crypto currencies from zero:

Free Bitcoin

In my opinion this is one of the best free sites to start using to build your crypto cash. It is extremely simple to use and takes just a few minutes daily. EVERYONE can use this site!

Log in and claim the free Bitcoin by clicking on the roll button. You can do this several times a day. Also complete the wheel of fortune spins daily. Check for reward points which you can cash in to increase your roll claims as well.

There are many kinds of additional ways to make money on this site, but many are risky. You can easily lose your on site earnings by using the gambling features provided so I suggest you steer clear of them or at least use them very carefully.

Infinity Traffic Boost

This site provides the opportunity to build your Bitcoin to very high levels, starting from zero. I am currently working on withdrawing $20,000 of Bitcoin from it (and have already earned just over $800). To do this you need to surf 100 pages each day to begin the earning process. You also need to get 4 referrals who each also surf 100 pages each day AND get 4 referrals as well. You will earn surf shares for each 10 pages you surf, and extra shares for the surfing done by your referrals as well. This is paid as Bitcoin, into your account each day after midnight.

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After earning the funds to do so, you need to start purchasing the advertising packages (the cost of these starts at around $2). The system starts building faster and faster as you and your team members start moving up to purchase the higher value advertising packages. You can see how this works below:

You pay $2 (approx) for your first advertising package.

Your 4 referrals pay $2 each for their advertising packages (Total = $8).

You earn 80% commission for referral purchases = Earnings of $6.40

Use these earnings to purchase the next level advertising (costs approx $5).

Your 4 referrals purchases for level 2 = $20 and you earn 80% or $16.

As long as everyone follows the system, and surfs 100 pages daily to get started, AND gets 4 referrals then everyone earns their way to the top.

There are 11 levels of advertising package, and the top level pays $32,000 of profit with just 4 referrals who actively build their accounts as well. In my opinion it is well worth the effort of surfing and building on this site. In addition the top advertising package provides 13,266,935 Advertising Credits which you can use to build other income streams at the same time.

Step 2

In addition to working on the plan for Infinity Traffic Boost I am using Free Bitcoin site to fund multiple passive earning sites. The first one of these used just $5 earned from Free Bitcoin site. I used that $5 to fund Crypto Pros. Now I earn a daily amount on this site just for logging in. I have already been able to fund approx 50 referrals to join this program from my on site earnings.

As each of the 50 referrals move up the levels (also funded from logging in) then I earn commission.

There are 10 different levels on Crypto Pros and each of these pays out 300% over and over again. For each full cycle the profit is just over $800. Using $275 of that to pay back into the system gives $500 that can be withdrawn EACH TIME you cycle on level 10. You can do that unlimited times.

This simple strategy then uses free earnings from free Bitcoin site to turn a single $5 payment into multiple and unlimited $500 withdrawals.

These are just the first sites that I am using to build my crypto cash income. I continue to fund more sites from my earnings from Free Bitcoin site all the time. Turning $5 or $10 into high level income from EACH site soon provides a VERY healthy income.

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  1. Ellie…well said.
    This is good info. Really very good guide to earning starting from free.
    Thank you .

  2. Hi Ellie, this is a great way of making money online, it’s worth all the efforts and patience..
    Thank you so much..

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