Sending A Broadcast to Subscribers on Leadsleap

When you have an account with Leadsleap, and use capture pages to build your email list, there are 2 different ways to contact your subscribers. Even with a completely free account you can send some broadcasts to your subscribers (I think it is limited to so many per month with a free account).

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Today I am going to explain how to use the broadcast feature effectively to help you get referrals or sales.

The first thing I will say is DO NOT just send an email which pitches your opportunity. There is nothing that will get rid of subscribers as fast as someone saying “here, join this!” especially in a first email. The whole point of having an email list is to allow you to build a relationship with your subscribers. Let them learn about you as a person, as well as your general values and you will start to develop know, like and trust much faster than any other method.

I will also say….. DO NOT try to be salesy, imagine you are talking to a friend and speak as you normally would. You don’t need to learn copywriting tricks and psychological trigger words to magically get people to join your opportunity or make a sale. Just be YOURSELF.

Example First Broadcast

Here is an example broadcast that I would send to someone who has just joined my email list. Feel free to use it as inspiration and guidance…… but do adjust it so it sounds like you and not me! You can of course say you are working with me and this will allow you to benefit from my experience levels……

“Hi there ~firstname~

Thank you for subscribing to my email list about working online, I am truly delighted to provide you with all kinds of hints and tips and share my experiences with you. Just in case you don’t know already I have been working online for 10 years now, and started out in this industry after loosing my job through ill health. I was in a lot of debt thanks to university fees and credit cards and was on the brink of loosing my house too. It was not a good situation at all. Thankfully I discovered how to make money online, avoid the many scams that are out there, and hey presto I am now living a life I never thought possible.

Personally I like to work in a way that means I do not spend money that I haven’t already made, so I like using free opportunities and methods to fund other things. Its a kind of springboard method which allows me to earn a lot without risking the contents of my bank account at all. It has worked really well for me, and thats the method that I will be sharing with you too.

I don’t do the whole sales or pressure stuff….. I prefer to simply let others know what is working for me (or what isn’t). If that sounds good to you, I am sure we will stay in touch long term, and I look forward to getting to know you better. Of course if you don’t enjoy my emails or don’t find them beneficial you can always unsubscribe from my email list at any time.

So, you might be wondering about where to start with your online earning journey already. If you haven’t already done so I suggest you register for a free account on my website:

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I have added all kinds of guidance and support there, and you will also get free advertising to help you learn more about marketing too. First step to take if you want to follow my method is to start off with the free earning options. Have a look at that section and it will guide you forward.

If you need any extra guidance or have any questions simply reply to this email and I will get back to you asap.

Hope to see you on ELB.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

PS if you are on Facebook you might also like to join my group:

How To Send A Broadcast on Leadsleap

To send a broadcast on Leadsleap, click on Broadcasts in the side menu (Under Email Marketing section). Then click on add a new broadcast button. It will open an email template that looks like a normal email composer box. There are just a few extra features provided here that you wouldn’t normally see.

In the subject box I suggest you use something simple like “Thank you for joining my email list”

Add the email body in the large box and use the save as draft option until you are ready for it to be sent.

With a broadcast you need to tell the system when you want it to be sent out, so choose a date and time. You also need to tell the system who to send it to. Choose a list (or more than one if you want) from the options under the email template.

Click on save and activate and your email will automatically be sent as directed.

Follow Up Broadcasts

Really you can send anything you like to your email list…… its the whole reason you are building a list in the first place.

The main tip I can provide for you on what to write in follow up broadcasts is PROVIDE VALUE. In other words think about what your subscribers are likely to find useful and not just what you want to send them.

I will be writing some follow up email examples when I get a chance. If you would like to receive these when I have written them you can add your name to the list here

Ellie xx

3 thoughts on “Sending A Broadcast to Subscribers on Leadsleap

  1. Lovely.

    But Ellie, in case I don’t have a website or a blog of my own, can I use my personal elitebuilding link to get my referrals to learn more on their journey to online business.

    This question am going to ask now is personal.

    What is the difference between rotator and tracker. I don’t know how to use them to promote my business links. Can you help me Ellie

    1. Thanks for your question and yes you can use the Elite List Building link!!

      Regarding the difference between a rotator and a tracker:
      A rotator is always going to have more than 1 link included inside it as it is built to rotate around those different links – sharing a new link with each click. For example my rotator for ELB includes the referral links of all upgraded members. This means that everyone has an equal chance of getting referrals when I share that link.

      A tracker on the other hand is for a single link. The purpose of that is to allow you to track how many hits has been gained when the link has been promoted. This allows us to know how many visitors is being sent to that link from a specific place (like a traffic site).

      Does that help answer your question ok?

      Ellie xx

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