Referral Rotator for Surf 100 to Earn $64,000 Team Build

For the Surf 100 to earn $64,000 Team Build I am being very strict about who gets added to the referral rotator. ONLY those who are actively surfing 100 pages a day AND are showing somewhere in my downline (my direct refs or the referrals of someone on my team) are added to the rotator.

So you can see if you are on it or not here is a screenshot of current members links that are being shown on rotation (I was clearing the hit numbers daily which is why its only showing 52 total hits):

If you believe you should be included in this rotator please let me know the name of your sponsor so I can check the downline system.

Those with an account under another team can be moved or can hold a second account if they wish to join in.

Click this link to join the team under one of our members

3 thoughts on “Referral Rotator for Surf 100 to Earn $64,000 Team Build

  1. Hi Ellie, I don’t seem to be on there, though I was on your pic in the fb group on 18th April. I’ve surfed 100 everyday since I joined, 140 today. You are my sponsor 🙂

    1. Oooh sorry I forgot to change the link – I had your ELB link on there instead of ITB and I was fixing it but got distracted – thanks for letting me know I will update it now!!

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