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Oh wow….. I do love it when a reader challenges me to “Step up to the Plate” and I have to admit I deserved this one. Its just a few days since I published my $10 A Month List Submitter – Does It Work? post, and I got an email which said “If its so easy then why don’t you do it?”.

Fact is I already do…… I have referral rotators running all the time now which help others to build their incomes. Each day I personally advertise on behalf of just over 150 people at the moment. I not only help them to get referrals and commissions on over 100 different sites, I also teach them how to use the contact list that I create on their behalf to promote ANY business.

As part of my normal day to day activities, I just launched a new referral rotator campaign today. At the moment there are 28 people I am promoting for with this campaign.

My first target for this is to provide 1000 real hits for each of those 28 people.

So I can show I am doing what I say I will do, you can see the screenshots below:

Current Target = 1000 Hits for EACH link – (I will increase this constantly each time I reach the current target for fully unlimited advertising).

Before Hits Started

Hits Have Just Started

The First 1000 Hits:

I will soon have the daily hit levels much higher than those I received with the Safelist Submitter….. I can guarantee that!

Referrals and Sales

Anyone can get low quality hits, which don’t actually convert…… however I am doing real advertising which does convert into referrals and sales. Below you can see that the hits I am getting are converting into referrals and sales for my members already:

Want Advertising Done For You

This is a service that I provide for my VIP members of Elite List Building. To have your link added to the list above simply register on Elite List Building and upgrade to VIP level. It is a one off cost of $97 with the new members offer, or $149 if taken later, and the advertising continues forever.

I also run a referral rotator for ALL upgraded members at Gold level or above. That upgrade is a one off payment of $10 and Gold members stay on the rotator until they have earned $100 of commission from ELB. There are currently 153 people incuded in that rotator.

Note I automatically update the links in all my rotator campaigns daily.

Ellie xx

6 thoughts on “Real Advertising Done For You!

  1. every time iread anew post and new way to earn i be shoked how many time i join ELB and leadsleap i am confus about by sruffing 64000 then 5 mint work then only surffing 2 sites infnity traffice boost and hunger for hits what will i do with simple sucess system. You please tell me what is best for me to do first

    1. Sorry to hear that you are confused – lets get that sorted out now. The first thing to work on is earning the $10 to upgrade to Gold membership so I can advertise for you. Have you done that step yet?

  2. You’re already rich, I don’t know why you still charge people money to help us; you should make donations to people like me that I can’t pay to get results, because I’m retired and my financial life is very difficult, every month I don’t have any money left to invest.

    1. I already make many donations to my team…… and the cost of the advertising is what provides commission to my members.

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