Planning Your Traffic Strategy

When you work online the main thing you need to master is getting traffic (or visitors) to your website or capture page. One approach is to use a lot of traffic sites and get your page seen by as many people as possible. The problem with this approach is you will have to spend hours and hours building ad credits so you can promote your own site (unless you are lucky enough to have very deep pockets with an unlimited advertising budget).

This is probably one of the least effective and frustrating methods there is.

Today I want to tell you how to plan your traffic strategy in a way that will actually build to a much higher level of promotion, and takes a lot less time.

The first thing you need to do is create a small list of traffic sites, (no more than 5) that you can use each day. It is vital to this strategy that those sites pay you for your time in withdrawable cash AND advertising credits at the same time.

The sites I recommend are:

Hungry for Hits


Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Website Traffic Rewards

These are 5 very good traffic sites which get me results daily.

Earning Ads and Cash

The first thing you need to do is surf for ad credits. Aim to do at least the following each day. This is the MINIMUM to do and it is better if you can do more.

  • 150 pages on Hungry for Hits (so you can claim the surf reward bonus). Also play the games to earn cash and more credits.
  • 10 pages on Leadsleap
  • 10 pages on Infinity Mailer Boost
  • 10 emails on Infinity Mailer Boost
  • All emails on Website Traffic Rewards

This routine will gain you both ad credits and daily cash.

Promoting Effectively

Next you need a site to promote. You may think you already have a site to promote…… but chances are it is the wrong one. Let me explain that!

I know you most likely have an opportunity you want to promote which is for earning with. I know you really want to promote that opportunity as much as possible…… BUT what you want to do is promote another advertising site or lead generation program instead. You need to choose this site carefully so it will allow you to contact your referrals in some way. It could be an onsite message system, but it is better if it provides you with the email addresses of your referrals.

Working this way is a much more effective method for building your actual opportunity.

First of all by promoting an advertising site or lead generation program you are making the best use of your ad credits. This is because EVERY person who is using a traffic site wants to get referrals for THEIR opportunity. They are interested in 2 things: Advertising and Lead Generation. Therefore you need to work with that demand and not against it to be most effective.

AFTER you have got people to join the advertising or lead generation program is also the MOST EFFECTIVE time to introduce them to your main opportunity. Immediately after they have joined is not the right time either usually, unless it is just a passing by the way this is what I do kind of mention……

What you want to do is provide your new referral with as much guidance as possible on using the advertising or lead generation program they have just signed up to. This is where their focus is right now – they want to know more about how to use it. So become their mentor and guide them on how to use it effectively.

This helps to create trust and builds a solid relationship with your new referrals. You are also telling them that you are someone who knows what they are doing, and you care about your new team members. By working in this way those referrals will be a LOT MORE OPEN to looking at your main opportunity.

Of course not everyone who joins the advertising or lead generation option will be open to another earning program…… but if you follow my guidance with this chances are you will at least have a nice secondary income stream.

A Few Recommendations

Promoting any (or all) of the following will allow you to work on this strategy very well:

Guaranteed Downline Club

Lead Lightning

Hungry for Hits

Infinity Traffic Boost

Elite Traffic Team


Infinity Mailer Boost

Website Traffic Rewards

Building Traffic Levels

The final step in this jigsaw is to work on building up the amount of traffic that you are directing at your promotional pages. This is where the earning cash and ad credits strategy comes into play.

At first the cash you earn from surfing on the 5 traffic sites in your daily routine should be put back into the site to purchase more advertising from them. You should maintain your daily routine of surfing at the same time. This will ensure that your advertising gets a nice big boost each time you use your cash balance.

Another good strategy you can follow is to save your cash balances and use them to pay for lifetime upgrades on other sites. Make sure these provide ongoing or high amounts of advertising credits for upgrading.

By following these methods you will NEVER have to spend hours and hours getting advertising credits….. AND you will get a lot more referrals at the same time.

I hope you found this post useful…. If you want more traffic tips and promo codes you can subscribe to my traffic updates list below:



Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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