Planning for 365 Day Extending on Scarlet Clicks

Its been a little while since I published any of my PTC site plans, so today I’d like to share what I am doing with Scarlet Clicks.

The idea I had to build 5 different PTC sites up to $15 per day as part of my $100,000 challenge continues, though I have had to adjust it quite a bit. I did reach $15 of earning on 1 site and $10 on another. I did however build these much too quickly and I had to take them back down again. I will do an update on these soon.

The 1 PTC site that has been steadily growing and developing during this experiment is Scarlet Clicks. The reason for this is because I was working slowly and with a very deliberate plan.

Current Account Status

At the moment I have 246 rented referrals on Scarlet Clicks, and have been steadily extending these by 365 days. I am earning approx $1.55 daily.

So far I have extended 119 of these by 365 days, so am almost halfway though. I have 127 more to extend and have 80 days to complete the extending. I want to check if this is going to work out ok or if I need to make any adjustments to my plan.

Right now I have 80 days worth of earning $1.55 per day = $124

Extending by 365 days costs $1.27 so I can see straight away this is not going to work. Its quite close to where I need it to be, but not quite enough. For this plan to work I need to give myself a bit more time to work on the extending, or I need to increase the daily earnings. On this occassion I am going to work on increasing the time I have available.

How To Increase Time Available?

Its actually quite a simple thing to do – I want to get the time I have up from 80 days to approx 110 days for this cycle of extending. The minimum time I have right now is 35 days. If I extend these by 90 days it will change the time available up to 125 days instead of 80.

You can see this happening in the screenshots below:

Now I can adjust the extending time to 90 days for about a week or so and my overall plan will work with time to spare.

If you are working on PTC sites then my advice is to learn how to plan in advance and check the calculations work. The earlier you do this, the easier it is to adjust your plan if you need to.

Ellie xx

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