My Zero to Earning $1000 Challenge Update

Gosh what a whirlwind kind of a month and a bit it has been since I posted Turning $0.00 into $1000 – A Personal Challenge (but you can join in). I feel like that was more like a year ago lol!

Anyway its definitely time for an update. Have I earned $1000 yet? You will soon find out!

This personal challenge all started with a free account with Guaranteed Downline Club. When I started on 2nd March I had just the free $5 that you get for joining.

Click Here to Join Guaranteed Downline Club

Today I have reached $99 in that account as you can see from the screenshot below:

In addition to my personal earnings I have also added well over $100 to the accounts of my team members (but I am not counting that earning in this challenge).

After I started earning the $0.50 per free referral I added to GDC, one of the first things I did was to pay $7 for upgrading on Lead Lightning. This is the second level program that is integrated into GDC. Its been around for a long time and provides some very good training about traffic generation when you pay the $7. In addition the upgrade means you qualify for commission payments of $6 when any of your team upgrades.

Thanks to this upgrade I have now earned an extra $30 as 5 of my downline on GDC have already went on to purchase the $7 package on Lead Lightning as well:

I actually received the commission payments from Lead Lightning first. Doing the low cost upgrade on there when I did, actually allowed me to progress much faster towards my $1000 goal. It also provided me with more promotional pages which are designed to help specifically with team building. You do get some extra promo pages with a free account on Lead Lightning as well, so I highly recommend joining this account even without the upgrade.

Click Here to Join Lead Lightning

The next thing I did was to join and upgrade on the next paid option within GDC. That one is called Make Money Even. Again this account is all about providing extra marketing training and resources, and after paying a one off $10 on here you earn $10 immediately. In other words its technically free, but you don’t get access to all the training etc until you pay the $10.

There are lots of extra products inside Make Money Even that you can sell as an affiliate. When you combine that with the Master Explosive List training included in the program, then it really does open up the doors to high level income generation.

Of course you also earn commission on Make Money Even when any of your referrals from GDC upgrade on this program as well. So far I have earned an extra $15 from Make Money Even as you can see below:

I have to admit that I haven’t actually been promoting Make Money Even at all. Really I should start…… lol.

Click Here to Join Make Money Even

There are other programs and income streams within Guaranteed Downline Club which I haven’t even looked at yet. I do plan to do that in the next couple of weeks as well as actually working on Make Money Even.

So far then, my total earnings from Guaranteed Downline Club = $144. Thats a bit off my $1000 target yet…… BUT I am not done with this update yet either!

As I had already earned enough to cover the cost of something else that attracted my attention, I decided to add that into the mix. This something else is called Pick and Profit.

I was attracted to this opportunity for several reasons, but mainly it was because I read some VERY positive reviews about it from a trusted source that made me jump onboard with it.

The cost of Pick and Profit is $4.97 per month (paid in advance so initial cost is $59.64). That cost is to pay for the hosting of an extremely professional website that is provided to you for free. In addition you get full autoresponder services, pre written emails that work for you on auto pilot (which you can edit should you wish to), and a whole host of other benefits.

The main benefit of joining Pick and Profit is that it can pay you $25 – $1000+ PER LEAD. When you combine that with the professional site and done for you emails, this is where you can really step up your earning. We are really getting into the realms of professional marketing here, but it is all done for you.

That is not all either.

In addition to all of the earning potential that Pick and Profit provides, there is what I would call a built in safety mechanism. That is the fact that you earn a small amount just for getting subscribers. Everytime someone submits their email into the highly professional and very high converting capture page, you earn $0.08. From this alone I have already earned $15.76.

So without ANY sales at all my earnings are already at the level where I am highly likely to earn back $189.12 on my initial payment of $59.64. On that basis alone I highly recommend this account.

Click here to Join Pick and Profit

From the earn $25 – $1000 per lead part of Pick and Profit here are my earnings for the last 30 days (I haven’t had the account for a full 30 days yet as you can see):

I currently have this account running for me on complete autopilot, after working on it actively during the first week after I joined. That can been seen with the big spikes at the start of the graph above, followed by the much lower and more consistent levels.

So, there you go. That pretty much tracks my entire earning challenge from zero to over $3,000 in the past 40 days (since 2nd March).

I should point out that this challenge has only been ONE of many ways that I have been making money online in that time. For those people who are active in my Facebook groups you will know that I have also been working on a few other projects at the same time…… more about that in my next post!

Ellie xx

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