My Timebucks Strategy – Earning More by Doing Less

I have had several of my subscribers asking for more details on how exactly I use Timebucks so here is my personal strategy:

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Links below should take you to the correct pages to complete the tasks I have mentioned!

I always start by completing the Daily Poll which you will find under the Surveys Tab. Everyone can complete this simple 1 question task regardless of where they live.

Next I complete a Slideshow which is under the contents tab. Doing this next means I can move on to the ad clicks task while waiting for the timer on the slideshows to finish. I complete another slideshow after the ad clicks are done.

After that I move on to the tasks tab and look for the Free Bitcoin one. You need to have an account on the Free Bitcoin site to complete this, but you can do this task and get paid a little extra for your BTC claims every hour.

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While on the tasks tab I will look for other easy tasks to complete. Things like visit a website or follow a social media account. Today I see you can get paid $1 for following someone on Instagram…… I will also keep an eye out for higher paying tasks that are worth spending a little more time on.

Next on my list is the paid searches option – I try to do those every 30 mins or so or at least each time I am doing the free BTC roll and task for Free Bitcoin site. After the first paid search I then complete the bonus code on the videos task.

I do those earning tasks every day on Timebucks. On some days I will also spend a little time on the surveys or offers tasks – I usually give myself a time limit (1hr max) for working on those because they can be quite time consuming for little return at times.

Lastly, and the most important part of my strategy is to use the earnings I get from Timebucks to create daily passive income. This way it doesn’t matter if I am only earning a small amount on Timebucks each day. By building passive income my earnings are consistently increasing without it taking ANY extra time at all.

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The main thing about working online in my opinion is that you should ALWAYS be aiming to work less and earn more….. don’t get stuck on time consuming tasks when you can be doing quick and easy things and get paid MORE!

Ellie xx

6 thoughts on “My Timebucks Strategy – Earning More by Doing Less

  1. I think these tips are great, but in my country we are not able to do any surveys as they not available in my country and the video task I also am not able to do at all. I also can not do the search tab as it does not open any searches. I am not able to earn very high amounts of dollars like some people. Is there maybe other tasks and things that I can do as well. Thanks Glynis

    1. Hi Glynis, I’d be happy to see if I can help you with earning! There are always things you can do no matter what country you live in. Have you looked at the captcha and news options under contents tab?

      Also I have a post that recommends additional sites which are quick and easy to use – would you be willing to try a couple of those options as well?

  2. Hi Ellie, yes I am a member of Timebucks but in Morocco the earnings are very small and not worth the effort but they are actually very good for purchasing sign ups and people to do tasks. I have a list of thousands of referrals in my downline in webtalk and most of them come from my downline purchasing referrrals from Timebucks. Many stay engaged on webtalk after joining too because webtalk follows up with a message notification system so it actually works very well.

  3. Hello Miss Ellie, as a newbie on doing online tasks like these, and a member of Timebucks, I can consider it as my first training ground. Yes, small earnings are not worth for the time and effort but it has different ways to help an individual to earn extra and the knowledge I learned from this site is priceless.

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