My Strategy for Managing Rented Referrals on PTC Sites

Using PTC sites is a truly great way to build your income from zero to REALLY HIGH LEVELS, however most people do not understand how to do this correctly.

The easiest way to build high level income is through using rented referrals (basically team members who you pay the site to have allocated to your account). This means you do not need to advertise to get team members for yourself, but can benefit from having a big team.

The main difference between rented referrals and direct referrals is they cost you money to have them, so it is VITAL that you learn how to manage them in a way that provides you with a profit.

After many years of using PTC sites with rented referrals I have developed my own strategy, which builds a profitable account everytime.

My Personal Rented Referral Strategy

When using PTC sites with rented referrals I personally use what I call a split cycle approach. By this I just mean that I split the rented referrals into at least 2 different extending cycles. I have an active “extend now” cycle and an inactive “pinned for later” cycle which allows me to maximise my earning levels. I focus on the active cycle when extending, with a plan to keep moving more RR’s into the pinned for later cycle.

By using this split cycle approach you can develop a routine that allows you to claim payments quickly and regularly, instead of being caught in a never ending long term routine of extending. It also allows you to start without funding, or with just a very low amount.

Below I will show a worked real example of the split cycle and explain more about how it works!

Neobux Example

Right now I have 1183 rented referrals on Neobux. The majority of these RR’s are extended for less than 40 days at the moment. Usually this would be a big problem because it means my daily earnings are unlikely to cover the extending costs. You can see in the image below I have just 70 rented referrals over 40 days… over 1000 technically needing extended.

This is a situation people get into frequently because they are trying to build earning levels fast, so they keep adding more rented referrals. However, it usually ends in disaster because of the inability to manage so many short term rental times all at once.

You know you need to start extending for the longer timescale to reduce costs and make your account profitable, yet it seems impossible to do. You get caught in a catch 22 situation where you need more funds to extend for longer so you can make a profit, but your earnings are all being used just standing still.

The Catch 22 Situation Calculation

In my example 1000 rented referrals is going to cost $230 to extend for 30 days. My daily earning level is approx $6 per day which gives me $180 of earnings in the next 30 days to pay extending costs. If I stretch the time to the 38 days that I have available I earn $228.

Now most people in this situation will turn to recycling to try and increase daily earnings. Doing this though has a cost which can make the situation worse. There are no guarantees that you will get more active referrals. I have tried this and it doesn’t work as you can read about here: Should I Recycle Rented Referrals on Neobux?

The Solution

The solution to this problem is the split cycle for extending.

Instead of having one large body of rented referrals I have 2. The “current extending cycle” and the “pinned for later cycle”.

Now the calculations look a lot different.

Instead of having 1000 referrals all needing extended at once, I create a break or division point in the cycle. You can see this below:

In this example I have just a 2 – 3 day breaking point, which divides my current extending cycle and my pinned for later extending cycle. Here you can see my current extending cycle is from 25 days downward, and pinned for later is 27 days upward.

Now I have 591 rented referrals in my current extending cycle and the cost of extending them by 30 days = $135.93 (my cost is $0.23 per RR). Earning $6 per day means I will earn $150 over the course of 25 days AND I have an excess fund of $14.07.

Now, thanks to the split cycle strategy I know that I have $14 of spare earnings…..which can be used to extend 10 of my current extending cycle RR’s by 240 days.

Doing this over and over again means that I get out of the current catch 22 situation and into a profitable account. I am no longer using up all my funds standing still, and am making constant progress towards having all RR’s extended by 240 days.

If I want to move forward faster then I use the 15 day extension period instead of 30 days.

591 RR’s x $0.12 = $70.92

Now I have an excess fund of $79.08 and I can extend 59 RR’s by 240 days instead of 10. The savings I make by doing this, in comparison to extending all for 30 days is quite considerable, due to the 30% discount of extending x 240 days.

This spilt cycle strategy then works to create MORE savings and MORE profit than the usual plan of working through all RR’s in a single cycle.

The focus, or strategy itself is basically just about moving more and more RR’s into a pinned for later cycle, so your daily costs get lower all the time. Obviously when all are extended by 240 days, and you gain 30% discount, that is the most profitable situation.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below!

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  1. You precise about the strategy (Neobux) is the strategy application to all the PTC sites such as Scarlet, gtpplanet, optimal etc?

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