My Simple Success System Results

A few weeks ago I started working on a new income plan to earn $1000+ online from zero. I am now calling this plan My Simple Success Strategy as it has developed into a full blueprint for building income online.

About My Simple Success System

The plan itself follows a very simple but effective stepping stone system which anyone can use to build income online from zero. The plan teaches how to earn $10 using a free account, and then how to leverage that $10 turning it into $100, then $1000.

There are 4 main reasons why it is so effective:

  • It teaches list building skills without a lot of technical knowledge required
  • It is designed to work for everyone who follows the plan
  • It teaches an earn first strategy which means EVERY subscriber can join in without funding barriers
  • It teaches exactly how to build an ever increasing amount of quality advertising without the need to use a lot of different traffic sites

Personal Results

Today I want to focus on sharing my personal results so far.

The earning plan is designed to build income on multiple sites all at the same time so I will look at each site in order.

Timebucks – This is the main free earning site which allows everyone to start earning from zero. There is an earning target of $10 from this site which is used to create leverage for the next step in the earning process. I have used this site for a long time and have withdrawn over $1000 from it already, but since starting my Simple Success System I have received 3 payments so far:

As you can see from the screenshot above I have received $46.34 from Timebucks in the past 2 weeks. Just to clarify some of this earning was from pre-existing referrals, however commission from referrals has more than doubled since I started this plan. I was earning approx $0.30 per day before starting and am now earning $0.80. I have gained a lot of new referrals in the past week or so as well as motivated others to earn more on Timebucks.

Traffic Site Earnings

The second part of the system is all about building quality advertising to help with list building. I have focused on 4 quality sites which all pay a small amount just for using them as a free member, but also pay high level commission on referral upgrades. It is these sites that allow you to turn $10 of earnings from Timebucks into the next target of $100. My earnings on each of these sites are shown below:

Infinity Traffic Boost Earnings – BTC 0.00010623 ($6.64)

Infinity Mailer Boost Earnings – BTC 0.00022399 ($13.99) I also won referrer of the month in Oct which gave me an extra $65 worth of free advertising on site.

Website Traffic Rewards – $20.05 earned in October

Leadsleap – $46.90 Earned in October (pre-existing referrals)

Elite List Building

This is my own traffic site which I have converted into a base account for My Simple Success Strategy. It allows members to build their teams on each site in the plan at the same time, and provides additional advertising. This site allows you to reach the third target of $1000 level of earnings.

October Earnings $0.00, November Earnings so far: $144

These are the 6 sites that I have included in the first earning strategy for My Simple Success System (I will be adding more strategies which people can choose to use as well if they wish to). The main goal of the first strategy is to earn $1000 AND create an ongoing advertising structure which can be used to build ANY other program online.

As you can see from my stats so far I have earned $278.37 towards my initial $1000 target (and another $65 worth of advertising). Some of this earning was from pre-existing referrals as I said, I should note however the full Simple Success System has only been available since the 2nd November.

This post therefore will act as a baseline measurement of earning which I can compare future results to. I am excited to start promoting the full system now and see what I can achieve in November!

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