My Journey To Earning $100,000 in 2022 – January (Week 1)

OMG its 1st January 2022 and officially the start of my earning journey to $100,000. I am ultra excited and pretty confident about my plans. I have been busy getting some things into place and generally preparing for today as best I can – you can read about that in post: My Journey to $100,000 – December

The first part of my plan is to work on earning $25,000 with 5 PTC style sites. Reaching $15+ per day on each site is my goal. Below you can read about my progress throughout January. I will also be starting to work on the second part of my plan which involves promotion of My Simple Success System.

Earning To Date

So far in 2022 I have earned a total of $492.18 towards my target of $100,000 (updated on 4th Jan)

From PTC Sites – $76.95

From Timebucks – $16.94

From Crypto Sites – 0.00059158 BTC ($27.68 today) + $2.18 in USD balances = $28.18

From Advertising Sites – $39.70

Prizes To Date

I hadn’t thought about including this but I have just won some quite valuable prizes – total so far = $330.41

Your prize, 20,695 Advertising
Credits Valued at BTC 0.001 have been added to your account!

Your prize, 99,206 Advertising
Credits Valued at BTC 0.004 have been added to your account!

Your prize, 45,126 Advertising
Credits Valued at BTC 0.002 has been added to your account!

January 1st

Right now I am focusing on extending rented referrals on Neobux and GPT Planet in preparation for adding more ASAP. On Neobux I have 348 RR’s which have been extended and 1083 in total. This gives me 735 in my current “need extending cycle”. It will cost $161.7 to extend them by 30 days = $5.39. I am earning an average of $5.75 daily so now have an extra $0.36 per day. I have 9 direct referrals on Neobux at the moment as well.

On GPT Planet I have 1600 RR’s and 300 on 24 days. My focus is extending these to over 30 days. Daily earning is approx $10 per day so I should have that done within 3 days.

Main progress today was on Optimal Bux as I added 50 RR’s to that site. Will monitor now to check my new daily earning level.

Scarlet Clicks and Timebucks require some planning next. I am earning about $1.25 daily on Scarlet and last month I earned a total of $108.81 on Timebucks, which makes an average of $3.51 per day from there.

2nd January

I am ticking along nicely with my 5 main sites at the moment. Already have $10+ earned on Timebucks with another few earning days left this week. I am guessing I will have at least $15 of a payment on Thursday. The plan is to put this into Neobux and will use it to add some more rented referrals.

I have added a couple more PTC style sites to my daily routine now, but these are just to provide a little more cashflow for later in my planning. OmnirevPTC is a site I have been testing out, funded with $15 and withdrawn $15.43. I now have 11 rev share packs running which earn me about $0.15 daily at the moment. PTC Share I have also funded and am building in preparation for withdrawing those funds again. That is paying about $0.05 daily right now.

Simple Sucess System

Obviously this is the main part of my plan for earning $100,000 in 2022. Basically it provides a step by step approach to my earning strategies, including my own promotional materials. As I have already used this and become successful as well as taught others to use it to get “their best results ever”, I want to get it out to many more people online. The system is based on the principles of ‘your success builds my success too’ so I am strongly invested in actually helping other people succeed.

Yesterday I promoted a new capture page on each traffic site in my daily earning routine and today I have seven new highly motivated students!

3rd January

I want to start increasing my advertising reach for promoting My Simple Success System and Elite List Building as they will be the main income sources for 2022. I currently have 620 members on ELB and would like that up to over 1000 by the end of January. Time to work on building some traffic momentum I think!

Yesterday I registered for an account with new traffic site Wild Wolf Ads and used the free ad credits I got to promote my Double Your Money capture page. Not a lot of hits on it yet…..but it will tick over as an extra passive traffic source. I might add a few more capture pages on there over the next few days if the credits are not being used much. There are good blasters available on this site which I may test later in the month as well.

Today I am adding Hungry for Hits to my advertising routine as I have already upgraded on there and keep forgetting to use it! I have other sites to check for credits as well.

Sent link for My $100,000 capture page today on Million Leads For Free as I remembered about that account today as well.

4th January

Its cut off day on Timebucks today and I am hoping to make it to $20+ which will be going straight into my account on Neobux. Adding $20 worth of RR’s should bring my earning levels up to around $6.50 on there.

I am making really nice progress with Neobux already, and today I have 596 RR’s in the still to be extended category. The price is back up to $0.23 for me extending by 30 days now, so that = $137.08. Divide that by 30 days and it equates to $4.57 per day needed to pay extending costs and $1.18 of extra funds daily right now. Adding more RR’s this week should take that up and over the $2 per day mark!

In addition to adding RR’s I have started working on an idea to help others manage their Neobux accounts better. This should lead to more active direct referrals and an increase in earning from them as well. I’m looking forward to developing this idea a lot in the next few weeks.

5th January

This week my focus is very much on Neobux and Timebucks. I have a payment of just over $20 on its way now from Timebucks and plan to use it for adding 100 more RR’s. It costs $24 for that on my account so will save a days Neobux earnings as well.

In addition I am now saving my earnings on Hungry for Hits to pay for a Super Advertiser upgrade. I will probably aim for the yearly upgrade which costs $299 in the long term but will test the 1 month ($40) upgrade first. I want to check how much more effective this upgrade is before committing to the year…… and of course I can reach it faster. I am moving all earnings to my piggy bank now to get the 20% bonus. Today I have $24.77.

6th and 7th Jan

Its been a very interesting (and busy) first week of the year, but I have to admit it feels like everything is on track so far. The start of a new system and plan is always the busiest while getting everything into place, but once the automation side of things can take over its usually a lot easier. I am pretty much at the stage now where I can let it all tick along and build momentum as it moves forward. Yesterday I put the final piece in place – a $100K system for others to follow. Now its just about the numbers of people joining in.

I am really excited for week 2 now, and looking forward to checking progess!

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