My Journey to $100,000 in 2022 – January Week 2

So….. its been a busy first week with my earning plans, but I am delighted with progress made so far. The main things I have been working on are my PTC earning plans, and preparing the ground for my Simple Success System to work clearly and effectively for everyone who follows it. You can read about my progress and planning below.

7th & 8th Jan

The main thing I need to help me reach $100K this year is for those who follow my system to experience consistent progress towards their goals. If they do not earn, then I will not earn either. This is the way I choose to earn because it is an ethical way to make money in my book – I don’t mind benefiting as long as it is a win win situation where others earn FIRST.

For this reason I have created 2 Facebook groups where I can help guide people forward day by day. The 2 groups are: – For teaching people how to start earning effectively from zero with free sites like Timebucks, Neobux, Scarlet Clicks etc. – For teaching people how to move from free site earning to high level income systems that actually work properly. This includes using list building strategies and affiliate marketing.

These 2 groups create an earning funnel which ultimately lead everyone towards very high earning levels from zero…… This means I open the doors to EVERYONE. That is another one of my ethical considerations, because I do not agree that only so called tier 1 countries should be able to get rich while other people in the world starve or stuggle to earn.

I will be focusing mostly on the groups this week, while also doing the ad clicks to move my PTC sites forward.

16th January

Its been all go here this week and just getting a chance to update now. I am really delighted with progress so far, not just for me, but my students too! The earnings are starting to come in quite nicely for those following my plan.

This week my own earning progress has been mostly with my PTC sites – these are quite central to my planning as you will soon see if you follow my posts.

Step 1 is all about getting 5 sites up to earning $15 a day. This week I have been working mostly on GPT Planet and Neobux and with these 2 sites alone I am pretty much hitting the $20 a day mark now. Another addition of rented referrals next week should take me up and over the $15 a day target on GPT Planet, and I think I will hit about $10 per day on Neobux too.

Scarlet Clicks and Optimal Bux are lagging behind at the moment with daily earnings, but I am still making great progress with them too. Scarlet Clicks I am earning about $1.30 daily and have started saving for the Gold upgrade while also moving RR’s to over 400 days of rental time. This will give me a full year of withdrawals without having to pay extending costs. Optimal Bux I have been building to reach the 500 RR’s level allowed for monthly silver this month, and have just hit 400. Daily earning on there is just over $2 per day at the moment.

As my memberships on Scarlet and Optimal Bux don’t expire until April I have decided to build GPT Planet higher over the coming weeks to compensate for the delay with these 2 sites.

In addition I will be discussing some of the passive income sites in my plan next week, along with some specific calculations for this part of my journey.

Check back for more updates soon!

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  1. Thanks for your efforts, I need proper review on freebitco and step by step guide on how to utilize RR from PTC sites

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