My Journey to $100,000 – December

I love providing the updates about what I am actually doing to reach my earning targets…..and My Earn $100,000 plan is going to be my main focus for 2022. For those who like to know what I did and when etc I will be adding a monthly journal style post for my updates. I started working on my plan a few weeks before 1st Jan 2022 so this is my journal post for December.

This month I am doing what I can to get prepared for earning as much as I can as fast as I can in January….. but only from using my $100,000 plan. I could do all sorts of different things, but I do like to show how you can earn a lot of money without paying anything to get started. The plan utilises free earning sites to fund account development.

19th December 2021

I am currently earning $5+ per day on Timebucks. My plan is to use this earning to purchase 500 rented referrals on GPT Planet – cost is $85. $35 payment has been set aside for this so far and I have $15 still in my account ready for the next payment date.

I am also saving my daily earnings on GPT Planet to purchase the Monthly Gold Plus Membership. I have $29.30 saved so far so can do this later today!

23rd December 2021

Although I had earned enough to pay for my upgrade on GPT Planet a few days ago I had to wait for my last upgrade to expire as there was no option to add Monthly Gold Plus. I did that today and then I could only add 300 rented referrals….. Never mind, I can rent again in 3 days so will add some more then.

I had also saved my earnings on Neobux while waiting for the Christmas Promo and today I added another 100 rented referrals on there as well. That brings me up to 1083 rented referrals on there.

24th December 2021

My earnings on GPT have increased from about $6 per day to $7.76 earned in 24 hours since my upgrade and additional rented referrals. Still have about 80 who have not clicked yet so it should easily get up to $8+

Adding $2 per day with 300 RR’s means I should reach $10+ with my next batch of refs. Pretty excited to reach this before the New Year even starts.

26th December 2021

I have just added another 300 rented referrals to my GPT account, so I now have 1600. I am pretty confident this will take me up to $10 per day of earning. Now I need to think about the next step – should I save for adding more rented referrals or start extending?

I think extending is the better option or I may run into some trouble in managing all these RR’s. I currently have 100 with 18 days left on rental time so I will focus on these ones first.

27th December 2021

After a bit of debating I have now got a solid plan in mind for managing my GPT rented referrals. I have already extended the 100 which had 18 days left, and chose the 15 day option. Next I have 300 with 26 days left, and 300 with 29 days left. I can extend these by 15 days and it will take me approx 6 days to do it, or extend by 30 days over approx 12 days. The plan is to get all rented referrals over 30 days.

Working this way this will allow me to save my on site earnings for the yearly gold plus upgrade costing $300. That will save me $60 as well as remove the requirement to save $30 per month to pay for the gold plus membership I have at the moment.

I also have started planning for my Neobux account. This week I have earned $16 so far on Timebucks and I will put this into Neobux to help me start to move this account forward towards earning $15 per day as well.

All is already moving nicely towards the first part of my earn $100,000 in 2022 plan.

31st December 2021

The last day of 2021 and I am pleased with progress so far. I have been focusing on the first part of my plan which is to get 5 sites up to earning $15+ per day.

GPT Planet is now up to $10+ and I am extending RR’s at the moment. In January I will add more RR’s to reach $15+ before the end of the month.

Neobux is up to daily average of $5.75 and I am extending RR’s at the moment with a plan to add more next week.

Optimal Bux is earning around $2 per day and I am saving to add another 50 RR’s tomorrow.

Scarlet Clicks is earning around $1.50 per day and I am extending RR’s by 365 days at the moment. Current membership doesn’t expire until April so am using this time to build the current referrals rental time higher.

Timebucks is earning an average of $3.30 daily and I have plans in place regarding how to increase this during January.

I expect by the end of January that I will have my daily earning from these 5 sites up to $50+ per day at least. Thats not quite where I want it to be, but is a brilliant start.

Check Back For The Next Update Soon 🙂

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