My Guide to Completing Paid Surveys on Theorem Reach

I know that paid surveys are one of those tasks in the online earning world that people can really struggle with. Today I am adding a guide on completing surveys using the survey company Theorem Reach to help make it a bit easier.

Personally I use Theorem Reach surveys via Timebucks which is a fantastic free earning website that I recommend to all. I have written lots of posts about this site and I recommend you read my personal earning strategy to find out why I love it so much.

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Theorem Reach is just one of many survey companies available on Timebucks, but it is one that I use pretty much daily when I am on a survey earning plan. I know people who live in various countries may not have access to surveys on Theorem Reach so I am compiling a list of countries where you can access this option (with the help of my readers and Facebook Group members):

  • UK – Yes
  • US – Yes
  • Philippines – Yes
  • Spain – Yes
  • Vietnam – Yes
  • South Africa – Yes
  • United Arab Emirates – Yes
  • India – Yes

If you do have surveys available on Theorem Reach here are my tips for maximising your earning from it:

Complete the Bonus Questions

The first thing to do is to complete the bonus questions which will allow you to earn a 10% boost of earnings for 1 hour. You can do this several times during the day if you want to. The questions are usually very simple and take about 1 min to complete. You will see the +10% cents banner at the top of the page (as shown below). Just click the banner to launch the bonus questions survey.

Within these survey questions you can influence the surveys you will be offered. For example there is often a question about your IT role – I always check several items on that list – IT surveys can be quite highly paid. You are also likely to be asked about your income level for the household – many surveys use income level as a qualification marker. In my experience those with an income of less than $20,000 are less likely to get through the qualification for surveys.

In addition to survey qualification questions you will also be asked to complete some anti-bot identification questions. Make sure you read all questions carefully to avoid being blacklisted from surveys as an earning option.

Click Show More Button

When the bonus questions are complete I suggest the first thing you do is click on the show more button which is at the bottom of the surveys box. This will increase the number of surveys that you have available. I always seem to get higher paying surveys when I do this as well. For example today I was offered a 2 min survey that paid 56 cents after clicking the show more button, which was not available before.

Use the Filter Buttons

To help you find the higher paying surveys more easily I recommend you click on the $REWARD filter button at the top of the page as well. This will organise the surveys with the highest paying at the top.

If you prefer short surveys, or are short of time then use the LENGTH filter button instead. That will show all the shortest surveys at the top.

Disqualification Payments

One of the main reasons that I personally like Theorem Reach surveys is because you do get awarded a disqualification payment even if you get screened out of the survey after starting it. This is based on the amount of time you have already spent on the survey, so even without being able to complete a survey fully you can actually earn quite a bit of cash with Theorem Reach.

General Survey Tips

In addition to the tips above that are specific to the Theorem Reach surveys I have some general tips to help you earn more from paid surveys with any provider:

  • Do not try to change your answers to suit the survey in an attempt to qualify. Survey sites monitor things like this and you will be disqualified more often, or even get removed from the site completely.
  • As above, keep your answers consistent for all surveys you answer.
  • Have a clear survey profile for yourself so you can answer the screening questions quickly.
  • Remember that getting screened out of surveys is a natural occurrence – companies have specific target audiences they want to answer the questions.
  • Try different survey providers, some will suit your individual profile better than others. For example some companies are very good for those with a young family, while others are good for people who have retired.
  • Remember that most surveys are aimed at finding out more about paying customers preferences. This can mean those who are unemployed or have a low income can automatically be disqualified.
  • Companies also want to speak to people who make the buying decisions in the household, or in a work environment. Consider what level of authority you have for purchases carefully – you can still be an influencer of purchases even if you don’t hold the budget for example.
  • Try accessing surveys at a different time of day than you normally would. This can take account of different time zones and you may find many more surveys are available if you aim for 8-9 am in US time.
  • Other members of your household may qualify for more surveys than you do. Ask them to try a few to check this out.

Have you found this post helpful? Please let me know below and I can write more like this one!

Do you have any other tips for completing surveys? I would love to hear them.

Find it very difficult to even find surveys to attempt? Let me know this as well – I am trying to compile a list of companies that work better in specific countries and I may be able to guide you on which ones to try.

Happy Earning

Ellie xx

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