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Just in case you don’t know already Hungry for Hits is a Traffic Exchange site you can use for both promoting your website and earning cash. Its quite a fun site with loads of games which are designed to help you earn more advertising and money too.

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Joining in with the games on Hungry for Hits will help you out A LOT because there are many bonuses hidden inside them. Below I will explain the games and what you need to do to get the bonuses.

Daily Promo Code

As the name states this is a code which is provided each day. You will find it on the home page as you log in:

The promo code shown in this screenshot is “Gorham”. If i enter this code in the promo code box as directed I will win a prize after I have surfed 150 pages of ads. That sounds like a lot but actually it doesn’t take much time to complete. By surfing I will also get to take part in the other games and get more bonuses….. including cash!

Click Here For Instructions on Surfing and Adding your Adverts on Hungry for Hits

Underneath the daily promo code announcement you will see other updates and info. Its a good idea to take a moment to read these. They will tell you about other promotions and advertising options.

Flying Food Game

I LOVE the flying food game…… not only is it fun its addictive lol!! To play you have to try and catch the flying food by clicking on it. There are different kinds of food and each of those give different bonuses. In the image below you can see flying Cinnamon Rolls and if I caught them I would win extra advertising. The prizes are shown in the black box at the bottom of the screen.

When playing the flying food game you will soon learn which foods have cash prizes…..

Viral Traffic Games

Another game you will see while surfing is the Viral Traffic Game. The icon for this shows up to the side of the continue surfing images:

To take part in this game you will need to have a free account with the Viral Traffic Games site.

Click Here to Register on Viral Traffic Games

To play this game you need to first login to your account on Viral Traffic Games (do this once before you start surfing is my advice). Then click on the icon as it appears. You will be taken to a new advert page which has the Viral Traffic Games banner at the top. Click on the Open VTG prize page link and you are taken to the game.

To play the game and win a prize you just need to move your character in the boxes shown. Keep an eye out for extra items like diamonds and gold trinkets to help you level up and get more prizes as well.

Chef Hat Game

This game works by giving you bonus items on another site. This time it is a site called The Food Game. You need to register on this site for free, add your referral ID from Hungry for Hits and then you can just click the chef hat to collect the prizes.

Click Here to Join The Food Game Site

Word and Food Icon Game

This game appears in the main surfing window as you surf ads. You just need to keep an eye out for the page and click on Claim Prize link under the ad shown. This will add letters and food icons to your collections, and you win cash and ad prizes for completing various words and icon collections. You will also get a prize for clicking on the Spotlight Ad (red text link).

The Prize page looks like this:

The Sandwich Game

This game always makes me laugh…… I’m not going to spoil the fun by showing this one. All I am going to say is look out for sandwiches……. They look like this and you can’t miss them:

Pick A Snack Game

Lastly there is the Pick a Snack Game…… again this one shows in the main surf page. Simply choose one of the snacks shown in this game to win a prize.

As you can see there are LOADS of games on Hungry for Hits. I have no doubt these contribute considerably to the amount of people who are active on this site. It is VERY VERY busy and a great place to advertise (when you use it correctly).

I have done a LOT of testing of the advertising on Hungry for Hits and will add a post about this ASAP. I will link that here when it is completed.

Ellie xx

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