Is Scarlet Clicks My Best Performing PTC?

I am currently using 7 different PTC sites on a daily basis (as listed below). Now that I have started working on these and posting so many guides and updates about using PTC sites I keep getting asked “Which PTC site is performing best”? Also “Which PTC site is best to start off with?”

The answer to these questions are not quite as straightforward as you may think. It is not just about the amount of earnings for example. Taking multiple aspects of these sites into account is necessary. We also need to agree on a measurement option – is it the highest earning or fastest to build site you want to know about? is it the easiest to manage?

Over the next few posts I write, I will be looking at individual sites in detail, and I will highlight various performance indicators as I do so. This will allow you to find out a lot more about each site, as well as find out which is best for you.

Today I will look at Scarlet Clicks as this is the site that jumps out at me right now as possibly being my best performing one.

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Is Scarlet Clicks My Best Performing PTC Site?

I know that it is easy to look at a list of sites and think the one that is earning the most is the best performing one. With PTC sites that is simply not the case. There are many different aspects to take into account to make that call.

For example, Scarlet Clicks is one of several sites that I have been using for over a year now. Yet when I compare the amount I have earned on each site I am working on right now, the figures look like this:

Scarlet ClicksEarned so far = $1740.91887
Payments Received = $192.8300
Neobux Earned so far =$5496.65
Payments Received = $425.26
GPT PlanetEarned so far = $4081.47659
Payments Received = $323.8000
Optimal BuxEarned so far = $816.587900
Payments Received = $54.220000
SilverclixEarned so far = $6.805800
Payments Received = $0
GoldenclixEarned so far = $5.491780
Payments Received = $0
TwickersEarned so far = $0.3650
Payments Received = $0

It is very easy to think then that Neobux is the best performing and Twickers is the worst when looking at this list….. but that does not take into account the fact that I started using Twickers a few days ago and Neobux several years ago. Neither does it take into account the number of rented and direct referrals I have on each site….. or the fact I have completed surveys on Neobux as well. How about the amount of funds I have put into each site – thats an important difference as well.

Ok, so it is hopefully obvious now that it does take a lot more than a glance at the earnings to date levels to distinguish the best performing PTC site that I am using at the moment.

Why Scarlet Clicks is Top Contender

When I am asked “Which PTC site is performing best?” I automatically think about Scarlet Clicks. The reason for this is because I have built it with the least number of rented referrals AND it is closest to profit withdrawal. I have also already withdrawn more of my earnings from this site than any of the others (over 10% of earnings withdrawn).

Does that mean it is the easiest site to build?

I know it has been a LOT easier for me to build than Neobux. However you can start building Neobux from zero deposit, and it is MUCH harder to do that with Scarlet clicks. On the other hand you can upgrade Scarlet Clicks with just $5 in comparison to almost $100 to upgrade Neobux.

Its quite the puzzle really to make direct comparisons for all kinds of reasons like this.

Scarlet Clicks is also the site that changed the way I use PTC sites. It is where I started testing and developing My Strategy for Managing Rented Referrals on PTC Sites.

My Scarlet Clicks Account

Just to highlight the progress I have made on Scarlet Clicks already here are a few details about where my account stands currently:

  • I have 191 rented referrals
  • I am earning between $1.30 – $1.40 per day
  • 99 of my rented referrals are extended over 400 days
  • 145 of my rented referrals are extended over 100 days
  • 46 of my rented referrals have between 45 and 55 days left on rental time
  • Within about 3 weeks my account will be ready for withdrawing $15 every second week
  • I could extend all rented referrals to over 400 days within a couple of months and then withdraw $584 at the end of the year.
  • It is the first PTC site that I will withdraw a profit from
  • I have a silver yearly membership which will expire in April 2022

Is Scarlet Clicks My Best Performing PTC Site?

I am absolutely delighted with Scarlet Clicks and the progress I have made with it already, but is it “My Top Performing PTC Site”?

The only way I can check this without all the extra complications as mentioned above is to calculate the average daily earning per referral and compare it with the other sites.

So I have 191 rented referrals and 3 active direct referrals on Scarlet Clicks.

Daily Earning Average =

Current Earning Total = $1933.92; Earning Total on Jan 1st 2022 = $1832.91;

$101.01 earned in 69 days = $1.46391304348 per day

Using $1.46 as my average daily earnings means I earn $0.00752577319 per referral. Now I can check this against the amount I earn on the other sites.

Thats going to be an interesting bit of info for sure.

Come back in a few days if you want to find out how much I am earning per referral on the other sites…… I have some work to do on tracking earnings and calculating results.

Ellie xx

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