Is Commission Cloner Worth Buying?

Over the last few weeks I have been keeping an eye out for some good affiliate marketing products that I am happy to recommend to my trainee affiliates. I am basically trying to find items that I think will sell well, but also have little to do in terms of technical set up.

Commission Cloner caught my eye because it promises to make affiliate marketing as easy as clicking a few buttons.

But can it actually be as simple as that? Lets have a look and see…..

Inside Commission Cloner

When I was personally testing this software the first thoughts I had were: “This is a nice clean site which is a pleasure to use, and the product does indeed keep everything simple”.

When you log in to the site you have 3 screens and 3 steps to follow. First of all you need to activate the campaigns you will be promoting. That involves clicking through a button on site and completing the simple form on the affiliate platform. You do need to go back and check if you have been approved in order to get your affiliate link. This part of the site looks like this:

There were 29 campaigns pre-loaded on this page so I just had to click through each of the affiliate pages, look for the apply to promote (get your links) button and in the form I said “I just bought Commission Cloner and would like approval to promote please”.

Within an hour I started to get the approvals through.

This was the first benefit of purchasing Commission Cloner – usually there are all kinds of hoops to jump through to get approved. Thanks to purchasing this product I got pretty much instant approval to promote lots of different options. I loved the range of products that were included too. They were not all the same kind of items, and a bit of everything has been included.

The other thing I liked about the affiliate products included is the fact they were not all old ones that loads of people have been promoting already. In fact many of them had not actually launched yet – giving a good calendar of promotions to work on.

After the links are added to the software, you can move on to the actual cloning process.


Step 1 is Create. To do this you follow the steps of choosing a niche, entering a website url, and choosing content from the images provided. You can actually use any url you want (not just the products provided in the list) AND you can edit the posts accordingly.

This was the next thing that I really liked. It means you can make your own adjustments and make the posts fit your own style.

The content options available also can be used to learn a lot about marketing other products. Without sharing the whole system here, you can choose various questions and responses to change the approach you want to make. This results in an attractive advert such as this:

Share & Get Traffic

The last step in the process is to choose which places you want to share your advert to. There are 75 different traffic sources included in the software….. In my opinion the cost of the product is worth paying for this list alone.

The list is provided as a neat little cluster of buttons, so you just click the button of the option you want to share your ad to. You can see the first buttons on the traffic list below:

Here is an ad that I placed on Twitter using Commission Cloner:

All in all I think this is a great product, and it does what it says on the tin.


Here’s everything you get with commission cloner right now:

  • Brand New Website-Building Software – Worth $697
  • 100% DFY Affiliate Campaigns Built-In – Worth $3,497
  • Instantly Add Your Affiliate Link – Worth $397
  • Hosting & Domain Name Included – Worth $1,297
  • Get Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic – Worth $297
  • 100% Done For You Content – Worth $597
  • 100% Done For You Niches – Worth $397
  • Step-by-step Training – Worth $197
  • Build Your List At The Same Time – Priceless
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee – Priceless
  • Total Value Of Everything You Get Today: $7,376

Limitations to be Aware of

The only thing that I think is missing from this product is some guidance on building your audience on the various traffic platforms. After all if you don’t have the audience on Twitter for example, who is going to buy the products you promote?

To help with this issue I will include the following bonuses for anyone who purchases Commission Cloner using my link.

Twitter is so easy to use. You just need to post a tweet that is one hundred forty characters. You need to do it long enough. You have to pick the right content and, given enough focus and attention to detail, you will get it right. It’s just a matter of time.

Here is what you’ll learn in this guide:

  • Things to Do before Starting Marketing on Twitter
  • Get Ready to Go Manual or Full Auto
  • Twitter Marketing – Doing It Manually
  • Manual Tweeting: Pros and Cons
  • Finding the Right Niche Influence Leaders on Twitter
  • Follow and Engage
  • What Happens When You Reach High Engagement Levels?
  • Optimizing Your Content
  • Leverage the Power of Questions
  • Twitter Marketing – Best Practices to Follow

Social media marketing can be automated. It can be mastered to the point where it can produce income after you’ve set it. 

You need to be visible on the four major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Taken together, the traffic volume you can get from these four platforms is mind blowing. 

With this guide you will learn all the tips and tricks for getting traffic on those platforms.

Topics covered:

  • Social Media Marketing – An Overview
  • 8 Reasons Why SM Marketing is Essential
  • Manage SM Marketing Campaign Depending on Your Online Business
  • Steps to Quicker and Easier Modern SM Marketing
  • And much more!

Social Media Marketing is the easiest and fastest way to build a loyal and true following of customers and business partners. This guide will teach you how you can successfully drive traffic from social media to your website.

Some of the topics covered:
The Must Use Social Media Strategies to Expand Your Brand 
How to Build Strategies That Work 
When and Where to Promote Your Content
The Keys to Twitter Marketing 
Mastering Linkedin 
And much, much more…

I hope you have enjoyed this honest review of Commission Cloner. If you would like to purchase it you can do so below!

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