Hungry for Hits Tips from Klara and Long Term Members

I love Hungry for Hits….. its so much fun, and a really busy traffic exchange. It did take me a bit of time to really see its value though. In fact it took me ages to learn how to use it effectively.

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Truth is when I first tried it out, I got NO results at all. I couldn’t really understand why because I was getting really good results on most sites that I used. It confused me and frustrated me too. To be honest it turned into a puzzle that I was determined to crack. I am so glad I stuck with it now, am upgraded to Super Advertiser and use it everyday as part of my marketing plans. I advise you use it daily too!

To help you out and to make best use of Hungry for Hits, today I am sharing my own tips as a result of all the testing I have done, but also tips from Klara (owner and admin) and other members too. Hopefully these tips will help you to get the most out of this fantastic site.

My Tips

The main things that I have learned about Hungry for Hits are around making really good use of the many features that it provides. It can be tempting to just add a link and surf for credits, but to be honest if thats the only thing you do then you are missing out on all the best bits of the site. My advice is to take the time to really get to know what it offers.

The main benefit of Hungry for Hits is the fact that it is an extremely sociable place. Its a real community of really friendly and helpful members. Using the features like the chat box, the page creator and the blogging option are the things that turned my no results into lots of results. I highly recommend using the add friend option too.

As a marketer do not underestimate the power of getting to know other marketers, and letting them get to know you too. Hungry for Hits has this in bucketfuls!

Klaras Tips

When I came up with the idea for writing this blog post, the first thing I did was to ask Klara to share a few tips about using Hungry for Hits. Who better to know about how the site works…..

Klara give me some fantastic tips including:

“Many people just surf for credits and assign the credits to their websites without bothering with hits per hour or using the other type of ads, and they’re losing out. You can get a lot of free advertising and branding by spending a few minutes on adding your social links, setting up your profile page and adding your interests and perhaps a post about what you promote on the free blog.”

As you can see this tip relates completely to what I have said in my own tips. Doing these things has made a massive difference for me…. and in fact I now pay lots of attention to social links and profile pages etc.

Next Klara said……

“Under the Advertising menu, go to the Surfbar Social Links under My Ads. You can add a link of your choice there, as well as social media user IDs here. If you do, links to those pages will appear in the surfbar when your site appears in surf. They will be shown next to your Gravatar profile picture, name and username.

When someone clicks your picture (and having a profile picture is important!), they will be taken to the link you added, and when someone clicks your name or username, they will be taken to your Social network and blog page. If that page is blank, you’re missing out on free branding and advertising every time one of your websites comes up in surf.”

I really loved this tip and actually I had a whole discussion about this in the chat recently with other members too. We were talking about the importance of using a real photo of yourself as it says so much to other people. Even the fact that someone doesn’t add a photo says a lot too…… like are they too lazy to even take the time to do it? Or what are they hiding for??? It might not be true at all that someone is lazy or hiding anything, yet that is the impression that is being given out.

Its amazing actually, the number of people who do not make use of the basic features like adding a profile pic, and it is so simple and makes a big difference too. Don’t give the wrong impression about yourself to others, so do take a moment to do it!

Klara also give me this tip

“It’s also a good idea to actually use all of the ad types under the My Ads menu, not just websites. If you want to get your stuff seen, make sure people can see it everywhere.”

This one really made me think about the fact that I often ignored the option to add banner ads or text ads, assuming they weren’t very effective. Yet as Klara points out, they are a way for you to get seen so many more times than just using the websites option….. In other words they are there for good reason – make use of ALL the ad types so you have a more visible and rounded campaign.

Lastly Klara said

“Also, select how many hits you want per hour to your websites. It is a unique feature that allows you to spread your advertising out all through the day, if your surfing time is limited. For example, if you want 50 hits per day to it (which equals to 100 pages surfed for a free member), set hits per hour to 2.”

This tip really resonated with me so much, and as soon as I read it I thought “wow, thats a fantastic feature that I hadn’t even looked at”. Of course it makes sense to have your ad being shown right through the day instead of using all your credits quickly. Its obviously going to mean more people actually get to see it……

Tips from Members

After speaking to Klara, I did offer some members the chance to have their tips included in this post. I only got to speak to a few people so far:

Jason Bailey: “This is absolutely the best traffic exchange on the internet right now. In my 28 years of doing this, this is the only TE that has the most active chat room and the most friendliest people. My tip is be friendly and join in with the chat!”

Jerry Ballantyne: “Don’t really have any tips other than surf, surf, and then surf some more.”

Christa Vk: “Keep in mind that the purpose of a TE is to advertise a business and earning money from that business. Share the benefits Hungry for Hits has for doing that to other marketers as it works really well”

Those are all really great tips aren’t they? I hope you found this post as useful as I did writing it….. If you have any of your own tips you would like to see included here then please do contact me. Add a comment below, or send me a message to discuss it.

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Best Wishes

Ellie xx

One thought on “Hungry for Hits Tips from Klara and Long Term Members

  1. Wow,I found all the tips very useful, because there are so many things said in the tips that I didn’t know until after reading the tips.

    I could remember I personally asked Ellie on our Facebook page to help me out on how to add ads on rotator, which she did promised to help but do to so many activities she couldn’t get back to me on that.

    Honestly, I have not been getting any result from TE sites, all because I didn’t know how to use most of the marketing tools provided in them. But with the tips now, I hope to start seeing results after implementing what I have read.

    Thanks to you Ellie and Klara.

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