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I recently posted in my Facebook Group about a site called Smart Trade Coin which I discovered about a year ago. Back then I added $10 to test it and decided it wasn’t really worth working on. The Bitcoin crash in value had just happened and to be honest I thought I had lost my $10. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I logged in, ready to give it another try, and much to my shock and delight I had over $1000 in my account……

I withdrew most of those earnings, but left some in the account to start 3 new bots running. One of those has just completed with a profit of 8.96%, while the other 2 are sitting at 5%+ as you can see below:

Here is my guide on how to start the bots running and how to check on progress:

First of all you need an account of course….. click here to register if not done so already!

The next step is to deposit some funds. You can start with just $10 and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Trade or Hybrid. To make the deposit click on the Finances tab and then choose Payin. The address to send the funds to is provided there.

When funds have been added, click on Trading Tool Bot in the side menu, then Panel. Scroll down until you see the Start Crypto Bot box as shown below:

Simply work down the box and choose Safe, Normal or Risky strategy, which coin you want to use, the period of operation (number of days) and either a percent from your balance or input the amount of investment you want to use. Click the green start button when you are ready.

After you have started the crypto bot running there are a few ways to check the progress:

On the same Panel page to the side of the start Crypto Bot box is another box called Trading tools BOT history over last (number of) days. This shows progress as a line graph:

If you prefer you can click on the List of Bot in the side menu. This shows the list of trading bots that are active on your account (as shown at the top of this page). On this page you can choose to show your bots in USD or Crypto. The level of profit made is also shown on this list.

For those who like to see these things before joining a program here is a screenshot showing the withdrawals I have made from my account:

Personally I am really enjoying using this account now that I have started actually using it. I am sure you will too.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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    1. The percent will depend on how much you have in your balance – if you have $100 in your balance and you choose 100% it will use the full $100. You can use the amount section just under the percent instead if you want to.

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