How To Use Infinity Traffic Boost Effectively

Infinity Traffic Boost is an brilliant traffic site that will help you get referrals for pretty much any online opportunity, but it also has a fantastic earning plan. I will discuss both today, and show you how to use the site too.

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When you first log in to this site it may look a little overwhelming, but it is actually quite easy to use. The dashboard is the first thing you will see and you just need to click on the surf pages button to get started:

Infinity Traffic Boost is a very good site for marketers because it stops any use of bots or people not viewing the ads while they surf. You will see the use of captchas and other preventative measures related to this while you are surfing. It starts with a captcha when you want to start surfing. Just complete the captcha and click on start surfing button:

When you are surfing you will need to wait for the timer to finish counting down and then complete the colour test which shows at the top of the page. In this example I am told to click on the orange box to continue surfing.

Between each ad you will see a page that confirms you have earned ad credits, and if you surf 10 pages you will see a confirmation message saying you have received a surf pool share.

On Infinity Traffic Boost you earn shares for each 10 pages you surf – these are what pay you a small reward for using the site. These shares are paid AT MIDNIGHT each day and you will see your account balance increase daily if you surf each day.

Using these shares you can purchase advertising packages which will run for you on autopilot AND will give you commission of 80% of purchases (up to a specific level) made by any referrals you get. For this reason it is a good idea to surf as much as you can each day to start with.

How to Promote on Infinity Traffic Boost

As I said already this is a very good site for marketers due to the prevention of cheating measures that are used. Your ads will get a lot of real attention on this site.

To add your own advert you simply click on the get exposure button and then choose from the ad types. I prefer the surf ads option (promote pages) as this is the busiest part of the site.

To add your own ad to this section, just got to the bottom of the page and look for the blue Add Campaign URL button as shown above. Click that and you will get a pop up box to complete. Add your URL, click on the test button and if all is well click save url. I usually keep mine running 24/7 by leaving the limit credits box blank:

After adding your url, then just make sure you keep earning ad credits to keep your ad running.

The Earning Plan

Infinity Traffic Boost has one of the best earning plans I have ever seen on a traffic site. It is based on a multi level downline system combined with a pass up.

This plan allows you to earn $64,000+ with just 4 active referrals and I have provided specific details of that in my blog post: Infinity Traffic Boost Earning Plan

To make this earning plan easier to build I have included Infinity Traffic Boost in my website Elite List Building. Do join us there so we can help you build your earnings on Infinity Traffic Boost and many other sites too!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post and found it useful. I would love to hear your comments below!

Best Wishes

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