How To Upgrade on Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost

If you are following my Simple Success System (designed to help you build any team and sell any product online), you will know that part of the plan involves upgrading on traffic sites. The first 2 sites that I recommend you work on upgrading are Infinity Traffic Boost and Infinity Mailer Boost. Both of these sites are owned by the same admin and work in very similar ways.

Why Upgrade?

The main reasons for upgrading are:

To move from free advertising that you have to earn by surfing ads or reading emails, to paid advertising. This helps you to start scaling up your online promoting, while also saving you a lot of time and effort. If you are following my Simple Success Strategy, that means being able to promote your capture page a lot more, which leads to more subscribers, more referrals and more income.

Upgrading will also increase the level of commission you are earning from referrals. Free members can earn 30% commission while paid members can earn 80% commission, so it makes quite a difference.

With just 4 active referrals you can earn your way to the top level upgrade which pays out over $10,000 on EACH site.

Upgrade By Activity On Site

Both of these traffic sites can be used for free, and you will earn ad credits as well as account funds for doing so. On Infinity Traffic Boost you need to surf other member ads, and on Infinity Mailer Boost you need to read other member emails.

On these two sites you will earn shares for each 10 ads you surf or read. 10 ads = 1 share, 100 ads = 10 shares. The earnings are added to your account balance at the end of each day (midnight), and are paid in BTC.

The BTC earned can then be used to upgrade your accounts to paid advertising.

The upgrades can be done automatically when you reach the correct level of funds, or you can do it manually.

The steps to follow are:

Earn the funds via surfing or reading emails first. You currently need to earn BTC 0.000032 to purchase TPO 1 on Infinity Mailer Boost and also another BTC 0.000032 to purchase TPO 1 on Infinity Traffic Boost. These amounts can change depending on the value of the currency. For this reason I recommend turning on the automatic payment system as follows:

Click on Financial button in the side menu, then choose Earnings on the drop down menu. In this section scroll to the bottom of the list of payment options and choose Use earnings to purchase TPO’s your way up. If you are changing the payment method you will need to click on the Email Security Pin button, then copy the code from your email into the box provided. Don’t forget to save your settings.

Upgrade By Deposit

For those who prefer to upgrade by depositing funds into the accounts you can choose from either:

  • Cryptocurrency payment via wallet. Can pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin or Altcoin – processed via CoinPayments
  • Payeer
  • Gizmoh
  • Uphold

The steps to follow are:

Make sure you have enough funds in your wallet to cover the cost of purchase and any fees. The cost to purchase TPO 1 is currently BTC 0.00004 (US$ 2.44), or US$ 4.11 via Payeer, but this amount can change depending on the cryptocurrency values.

Click on Purchase TPO’s on the side menu to open the payment page, then choose the TPO you want to purchase from the list. Scroll to the bottom and choose the correct payment option, then click add to cart:

For payment via cryptocurrency here are the remaining steps to follow:

After clicking on the add to cart button a new page will open to make the transaction via Coinpayments. On the new page, first check your cart for the correct Traffic Package Option you want to purchase. Then fill in your name and email address, and select the coin you want to pay with from the list. You need to have this coin available in your crypto wallet.

When you have completed the form, click on blue complete checkout button. This will direct you to another page with the details of your payment. On this page it will tell you the amount of cryptocurrency to send (in the example below it is Bitcoin, or BTC). You will also see a long string of numbers and letters – this is the payment address to send the crypto to.

Next you need to log in to your cryptocurrency wallet. I am using Free Bitcoin as the example below. Choose the withdraw or send funds option inside your wallet.

With Free Bitcoin you can choose a speed for the withdrawal – I recommend you use the instant withdrawal so the payment does not ‘time out’.

Copy over the details from the previous page. The amount is 0.00004000 and the address is 3BHFg8HZnFXeciGCoTv1rVuqDDAxA1NWJV. Double check the details are correct and then click on the withdraw button. The withdrawal fees will automatically be added to your withdrawal amount.

You will be redirected to a page that notifies you the payment is being sent. This will change to show PAID notification when it has completed the payment.

It may take a little time for the upgrade to show on your account – give it a few hours and you will be upgraded on your Infinity Traffic Boost or Infinity Mailer Boost account. The advertising credits will have been added to the balance ready to use.

I will create another post showing how to add your advertising to these sites.

Ellie xx

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