How to Succeed Online!

Wow, what a title for a blog post…… it makes it sound like I can tell you everything you need to know all on one page. I can…….

The secret to success online is something that everyone in the world can do, but often don’t. Its about creating a simple process that you follow continually. When you use it consistently you will never fail again.

This is the system that I have used to create specific earning success plans on my website Elite List Building which you can also join for free.

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The System of Success

The system itself has 4 main parts:

Goal Setting


Implementation (or testing)

Feedback (or checking results)

When you follow this process you will make consistent progress towards any goal you want to achieve. It is what changed everything around for me, and it can do the same for you.

Lets look at each part in more detail!

Goal Setting

There is a lot of debate about goal setting and so I am going to stick with what has worked for me. Personally I set small achievable goals which I increase incrementally.

For example, I will work on earning $10 first, then when I reach $10 I will increase the goal to $20. When I reach $20 I increase it again. Even when I have a large amount that I want to earn overall (such as my $100,000 target for 2022) I will start off small.

To me it makes a lot more sense to start small and build continually rather than start with something that automatically puts your brain into overwhelm mode. In other words start with something that you KNOW you can achieve instead of something you are unsure about how to achieve.


So can you earn $10 online?

The answer is YES for everyone, because if you use free sites and use them daily for simple tasks then you will reach $10. There is no if you make it, the rules are if you earn something each day then it will build to $10.

Of course there are many different ways to earn $10 online, and maybe you would prefer to try using affiliate marketing where you can earn $10+ in 1 day……

Maybe like me, you are happy to do some surveys for a few days to reach $10?

The planning part is of course all about HOW. You decided on the goal you want to reach and the next step in the process is to decide how you are going to work on achieving it.

Do you see how easy it is for me to come up with different options to earn $10 online? Now think about if my goal was to reach $100,000……. would that be harder to plan for?

With such a figure in mind most people hit a blank wall with the planning stage, or it will take days, weeks or months even to come up with a plan that is achievable. THAT is why I like to start small.


After the planning stage of the process you move to the doing part. The taking action bit where you actually do the things you have decided on in your plan.

Another reason why I work on small goals is because it makes the plans simple. I can’t really spend days or weeks or months in the planning stage. Many people never actually get to the implentation part, never start working on their goal and so never succeed.

Me? Well I am all about the getting started……and guess what? I ALWAYS make progress.


This is perhaps the most interesting part in the whole process, and it will make or break your system, yet most people do not do this, don’t do it enough, or oddly do it too much.

As my background is in psychology, and I have mental health issues too, this part of the process is vital for me to get right. I can very easily get de-motivated and off track. I can get confused easily and also get into the “failure” mindset.

To avoid those issues I need to have a clear and simple feedback method. I ask myself the question:

Have I reached my goal? – The answer is either yes or no. If yes then it is time to go back to the start of the success system and decide what my next goal is and how to work on it. If no I ask myself the question:

Am I moving towards my goal or not? The answer is either yes or no….

If the answer is yes, then great. I get a feeling of success and I know I will reach my goal if I keep doing what I am doing. If the answer is no then I know that I need to go back to the start of the success system and figure out what bit needs to change.

It is a constant cycle, it creates constant progress, and therefore leads to success.

Sometimes the progress is about ruling out something that is not working and moving on to try something else. This in itself means that I will find a way to succeed.

My $100,000 Goal

Just to finish this post today and prove that the system for success works for goals large and small…… its feedback time for my $100,000 goal. I like to check on progress weekly (each Friday).

Have I met my goal? No I have not earned $100,000 yet.

Am I making progress towards my goal?

So far this year I have earned approximately $4000 so the answer to that is yes. I will update my 2022 Money Post today to check the exact figure.

The next step I want to achieve is $5000. I will check again next Friday to see if I have reached that level yet or not. I will also look at my plan in more detail then so I can tell you exactly how I am progressing and how.

See you then!

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