How to Start Working Profitably on Neobux

I personally love using PTC sites to help me build my online income, but it did take me several years to figure out how to use them properly to make a profit. Each PTC site does have its own little quirks and rules to follow as well, so it is important to know how to use each one. Today I am talking about Neobux.

Below you can see my personal up to date earnings on Neobux and a second banner showing the amount I have withdrawn as well. I am currently working on withdrawing $1000 while I continue to build my daily earnings on site. I am earning $8+ per day by clicking 8 – 12 ads on this account now, and plan to reach $15 per day asap.

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The first thing you need to do on Neobux is to click the paid ads each day. You CANNOT do this on a phone as it is against their rules. If you are going to build the account using rented referrals then you also need to make sure you are willing and able to click those ads daily (or you won’t earn anything).

Step 1

You need to have $4 in your account before moving to step 2. You can earn that $4 by doing ad clicks, surveys or mini jobs. You can of course simply fund the account if you prefer to start that way.

Do not try to move your account forward faster by starting to rent referrals before you have $4 available. It will NOT work….

Step 2

After you have $4 in your account you need to rent 3 referrals (cost is $0.60 for this) AND you must extend them by 240 days (cost is $1.18 for each rented referral for this). This 240 extending is the only way to earn a profit on Neobux with rented referrals if you have not upgraded your account.

Initial Rental Cost = $0.60

Initial Extending Cost = $3.54

If you are a few cent short it is ok as you can extend your 3rd rented referral in a couple of days from earnings.

After you have added 3 Rented Referrals and extended them by 240 days DO NOT worry if they are not clicking ads and DO NOT recycle them. Allow the system on Neobux to recycle inactive referrals for you for free. My reason for saying this is discussed here: Should I Recycle Rented Referrals on Neobux?

Step 3

Keep working on building your balance again to reach $4 and then add another 3 rented referrals. Extend these by 240 days as well.

Continue to work this way and you will find it gets faster and faster to reach $4 in your account because of the earnings from your rented referrals. Aim for about 21 rented referrals in your account before moving to the next stage of this guide.

I will add the next stage in a new blog post and link it below when it is ready! In the meantime work on getting your account build up in the way I have explained above.

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