How To Send A Broadcast On Leadsleap

If you have a free account on Leadsleap you can still contact your subscribers. This is done by sending a broadcast. You are able to do this every 3 days, or as frequently as you choose with an upgraded account.

The method for sending a broadcast on Leadsleap is very simple. Here are the steps:

In the side menu locate the Email Marketing section and click on the link that says Broadcasts:

On the new page you will see it is called the Broadcast Manager and there is a blue button at the top which says Add A New Broadcast. Click on this button and it will open the editor page:

The Broadcast Editor works just like any regular email system, but has a few extra tools and features:

For now lets keep things simple and I will explain more about the features at a later date.

If you have joined my Simple Success System then you will have been sent, or will be sent, an email to copy into the broadcast editor. Simply copy and paste the email into the boxes, updating any details you want to adjust.

Underneath the email boxes you will see a series of options to choose from. You can write something in the preview text box if you want but I tend to leave it blank.

You will have to choose a time and date for your email to be sent to your subscribers. Click on the boxes and choose from the calendar and times. Leave repeat Broadcast box with No showing and then choose the list you want the email to go to. As you can see below I have multiple email lists, I can select 1 or more just by ticking the box at the side.

Further down you will see the audience boxes and save/send options. I suggest sending your email to both active and inactive subscribers. Tick those boxes and then choose save and activate option. Click the blue save changes button and the email will be scheduled to be sent to your subscribers as programmed.

Note that you must send a test email to yourself before the system will allow it to be sent to your subscribers. Do check the email arrives in your inbox and it looks how you want it to before confirming you want it sent to your subscribers.

After the broadcast has been sent you will see statistics provided regarding the number of people it was sent to, the open rate and the number of people who clicked on any links inside the email.

I will discuss the statistics in another blog post, and show you what to do with these to help maximise the effectiveness of your emails.

Ellie xx

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