How To Move Past The Brick Wall When Working Online?

I’ve hit a brick wall….. an obstacle that is standing in my way and holding me back from making progress. It has stopped me dead in my tracks and I don’t know how to get past it.

We all come up against barriers to making progress. Facing these obstacles and overcoming them is a part of life, so you certainly need to be prepared for something to get in your way when working online. Things happen, sites close, or rules and regulations change, and it seems to happen just when you feel like you are getting somewhere.

After working online for many years now, I am no stranger to obstacles. Sometimes it feels like all my time and effort has been needed to get past some of these obstacles in the past, but this time I feel well and truly stuck.

In my experience the way to break through the brick walls that we inevitably hit when working on a plan that has gone astray involves several steps:

  1. Identify what happened as clearly as possible.
  2. Examine the brick wall from every angle.
  3. List the issues one by one. Break them down as much as possible.
  4. Decide if the problem, or problems can be tackled or not.
  5. Ask for the opinion of others.
  6. Create an alternative plan of action.

As I am currently facing a brick wall I will now follow these steps myself.

What Happened?

It was quite a few months ago now that I decided to try and make earning online a lot easier for people who were struggling. I came up with a plan that was designed to change lives, and it literally took off like a rocket. It was so successful in fact that I was nowhere near prepared for the demand. I made a few mistakes along the way and tried my best to rectify the situation and get back on track, but the huge momentum that was created was impossible to stop.

It was like a runaway train hurtling towards imminent disaster.

For someone who is very invested in helping others succeed this was the last thing that I wanted to happen. I ended up having a complete mental health crisis and the only thing I could do was shut down and withdraw from everything I was doing.

It has taken me a long time to recover sufficiently to even start thinking about how I can fix the mess that I created. I am now feeling able to take the first tentative steps to fixing it, I am just very unsure about how to do that. I am hoping following the steps as written above will help me figure it out.

Examine the Brick Wall

When I spend time thinking about what is actually stopping me from moving forward I can see multiple aspects:

  1. My mental health is top of the list as I feel extremely vulnerable at the moment.
  2. I am worried that I am not well enough yet to make big decisions or clear plans, especially ones that impact on other people.
  3. I feel shame associated with the failure of my plan.
  4. I feel guilty about letting other people down.
  5. I lost the funds that people paid for the plan when the site I put it into disappeared overnight

List the problems

  1. I can’t put myself at risk of further mental health deterioration.
  2. I don’t trust my thoughts or ability to make appropriate decisions or plans right now.
  3. Negative comments, messages and emails from those who trusted my plan, although are completely understandable, just make me feel worse. Links to problem 1.
  4. I don’t have the funds to refund everyone at the moment. Links to problems 1 and 2 as I need an alternative plan to resolve this.
  5. My reputation is in tatters. Trust I built up over several years is gone. Links to problems 1, 2, 3 and 4.
  6. I don’t know how to move forward.

Are the Problems Insurmountable?

Although I feel like it is an impossible task to overcome right now I also know part of that is just about overwhelm. The problem feels so big while I also feel very unsure about my own abilities. When I look at the problems individually, and in a smaller form (as listed above) I am reasonably confident that I can fix at least some of them.

The one problem I know I can fix for sure is number 4. I know how to make money online. I need around $1000 to refund the money I lost. That part I know I can do.

Ask for the Opinion of Others

One thing I know I am not good at is asking for help. By publishing this post I am hoping to gain the opinion of others who work online. I already know the opinion of some of my Facebook group members – The majority want me to look after my own health first. Certainly any plans I have moving forward need to be a lot less reliant on me doing all the work…..

Alternative Action Plan

I am going to start working on this by generating ideas and discussing them with people I trust to help me gain perspective and clarity.

This was a very difficult post to write but I do feel better for having done it. If nothing else is achieved from it, at least I have put some of what I am feeling into words.

7 thoughts on “How To Move Past The Brick Wall When Working Online?

  1. I know this is hard for you but I for one understand (and saw it happen with bap). Don’t feel ashamed because when you try to help people and things go wrong it is easy to blame you. We are all in it together (my opinion) so there is no need to blame anyone. Get back on your feet (priority 1), find an alternative way on the team build (I am sure there are so many people here with also a great deal of experiance … you can identify them since you know them) and get their help to create a new way. The more people think about it the higher the chance on finding a teambuild “location”. If I can help with doing anything I will. Shit happens but if we quit we never get anywhere. As long as we try we have a BIG chance on winning our lottery but we need to keep playing 😉

  2. Hi Ellie !its good to hear from you ,after a long time hope you coping alrigt as for me I think working online doesn’t work all its scam

    Since I started working online 2019 I have never withdrew even a cent but I lost a lot of money on these that has made me to give up on this

  3. Ellie A very honest and candid analysis. When I wrote to you in the summer I emphasised the need to look after yourself, your health. Thank you for what you were and are trying to do. God bless. Eric

  4. I feel you hun, but the best part is that you have the courage to face this honestly. As everyone repeatedly says to you slow down look after your mental and physical health and just BREATHE ! we are here for you. I realised that it was becoming overwhelming for you and that you would struggle once the momentum built up so rapidly. I want to thank you for all you have taught me working online for that I will be forever grateful and blessed when I found you online.


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