How to Make Money With Elite List Building Banner Ads

Elite List Building is designed to really help you to maximise your earnings online without using complicated methods that only work for professional marketers. It offers many different ways to earn, but it can take a little time to really understand the earning potential that it provides. This is especially the case if you are not yet familiar with how traffic sites with extra earning systems work.

Today I would like to tell you about one of the most simple ways to make money from Elite List Building:

Promoting Your Opportunity

The first thing I recommend you do is to learn about using the advertising Elite List Building offers. This is probably the most common method of using the site.

When you register for free on Elite List Building you will receive some free add credits to help you get started. You start off with 1000 free ad credits (you get more credits to welcome you to the site if you upgrade).

With 1000 ad credits you can purchase 1000 banner impressions or 1000 text link views. To do that you need to click on the set up ads button in the side menu, then click on the purchase with credits option as shown below:

After doing this you can add a banner to Elite List Building which the members will see when they use the site. There is no point in adding a banner which promotes Elite List Building as everyone who will see the banner is already a member of this site. Instead you should add a banner from another site. Below you can see the steps to take if you want to add a banner to Elite List Building:

Step 1: Purchase banner ads as shown above.

Step 2: Go to the website you want to promote to our members and look for the promotional material section. Check to see if there are banners available for you to use to promote that website. For example, if I want to promote the site called Hungry for Hits on Elite List Building I go to the Promote Page on Hungry for Hits and scroll down until I find the banners section:

Hungry for Hits has multiple banners to choose from in this section, above you can see 2 of the banners available.

Step 3: To put these banners on to Elite List Building you need to go to the banner set up page. To find this click on ad set up and then look for banners on your list which are available to set up. If none show here you have not purchased banner ads with your ad credits yet.

Step 4: Click on the blue link which says click here to set these up now, as shown above. This will take you to the page shown below:

Step 5: To set up the banner ad which promotes Hungry for Hits you need to copy the following information across into the 3 boxes:

Banner Name: Hungry for Hits

Banner Url: This is the address for the banner image only which is: for banner number 1

(You can get the correct banner image on any site by right clicking on the banner image directly).

Target Url: This is your referral link for Hungry for Hits. My ref link is:

ALWAYS click on the preview banner button to check that you have filled in the correct details in the boxes. If you have done it correctly you will see the banner in a new pop up on the page as you can see in the screenshot below:

Step 6: Click on the save button to submit your banner ad for approval.

Note that banners which are the wrong size or are not working correctly will NOT be approved. I refund the ads back to member accounts when not done correctly.

How do Banner Ads Make You Money?

By adding your banner ads to Elite List Building they are shown to other members. If they are interested in joining the site in your ad they will click on the banner to join the site as your referral.

Usually you will earn commission when your referrals make a purchase, pay to join, or pay to upgrade. Sometimes you will earn simply for getting someone to join the site.

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  1. Good job as usual Ellie. Apart from H4H banner, can one show other personal business banners.

    I mean if I buy an advert credit with elite, would it be allowed for me to showcase other affilate business banners that am promoting .

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