How to Join Top of The Team for Free

In case you don’t know already Top of the Team is a project I designed to really help people to earn at least $1000+ per month ASAP. The earnings with Top of the Team are guaranteed because of the unique system I use which has 100+ paid referrals ready and waiting to be allocated.

For those who want to join this project but do not have the $15 fee, I offer this free system.

I give ALL active members on three free accounts a cash reward each time I claim the cash on the account. I pay in order of who has contributed the most BAP to the team accounts.

To claim this cash reward, just register a free account on at least one of the following free accounts (join all 3 if you want):

Bap Life – I pay $15 to active members

Bap Money – I pay $10 to active members

Bap Cash – I pay $2 to active members

After registering you click on the view advertisements tab at the top and click all ads daily. You need to click on BOTH the BAP ads and the Paid ads when they show. You will start seeing paid ads when you reach the correct amount of BAP in your account (its different for each account).

Make sure you get the green confirmation tick by following the steps as shown below:

Send me an email to and tell me your username for each site. I will contact you when you are the winner of each cash prize.

Ellie xx

11 thoughts on “How to Join Top of The Team for Free

  1. Guess it IS for reasons I read your posting CLOSLY Ellie; click my Name above to see what I made ‘out of your Hungry Post’ and WHY I surf 2K in there daily!

  2. I am already a member of those sites .but i am afraid of investing small amount cos am cheated many times therefore wanna make sure that it is not a fake site .and how do I attached with your site .do I have to reregister it .let me know .

    1. I understand completely your concerns about adding funds. You can use Bap Cash and Bap Money for free if you prefer and still build your own earnings on those sites. If you do want to add a small amount of funds I can assure you that these sites are paying daily. You can see all the payment proofs in the forum as well.

      If you want to join then just click on the links to register.

      1. if i join yr team can easily get referrals and have more opportunity to earn money is it not ?

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