How to Get 50,000 Visits to ANY Link for Free

If you have an opportunity to promote online then here is a very simple way to get 50,000 visits to your referral link or opt in page completely for free:

Register Here for a Free Account

After registering make sure you verify your email address or you won’t qualify for the free traffic package.

Log in to your account and go directly to the side menu which is shown in blue. Click on Goodybag/freebies and then in the drop down menu click on 50,000 Free Visitors.

To qualify for the 50,000 free visitors you will need to watch the video which talks about silver membership benefits. It takes about 20 mins to watch this video.

After the video has finished you will need to click on the 50,000 Free Visitors link again, but this time you will have 1 credit available.

Fill in the form as shown above with your Title for the Ad and the url. Tick the Terms and Conditions box and then click the blue Start My 50,000 Visitors Account button.

This will test the link that you are submitting and you will need to click on the green Ad Successful Confirm My Ad Button. Make sure your ad is showing in the box before you click this button!

After submitting your ad you need to log in to your account to keep the ad running. I suggest you check the ad stats at least daily. To do this just click on the 50,000 visitors tab again and you will see your ad is active and the number of visitors that have been sent/still to send:

Pro Tip

Make sure you are promoting a Capture Page that is designed to add people to your own email list. This way you can contact them over and over again.

If you don’t know how to create a capture page yet you can get the full guidance on this post: How to Create A Capture Page for Free

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

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