How to Earn on Elite Traffic Team

I absolutely love the fact that I have now paid out thousands of dollars of commission to members of my site: Elite Traffic Team. I also love the fact there are now many ways to earn on there, depending on your own interests, needs and experience levels. To help all members to earn as much as possible using Elite Traffic Team here is my guide:

Step 1

So many people lose out on easy ways to earn, high level commissions and multiple referrals simply because they do not take the time to look around the site properly. Set aside a bit of time to go through each section and see what it offers.

Don’t miss the offer as you log in which can earn you $1000+ per month!

Step 2

Check out the Free $100 section – EVERYONE can make some very easy free cash on there!

Step 3

Use the downline builders (those pages with a list of sites on them with a box to add your own ref link) – there are several of these on site (and more being added all the time). These are there for a reason, so make use of them. Those members who join the downline builder sites and update their links, even if they never actually use the sites themselves, can often find ‘Surprise Cash’ in those accounts. Just because there is a site you might not be interested in using doesn’t mean some of your referrals won’t be interested in joining it.

ALWAYS update the downline builders BEFORE moving to step 4.

Step 4

Share your referral link, banners and splash pages for Elite Traffic Team on other traffic sites. Doing this is the number one way of earning high level commission. There is a list of very good traffic sites provided on site (as a downline builder) which I suggest you use. The more you share your ref links etc, the more you can earn. Don’t just do it once and expect to see results, do it daily.

If you are not familiar with using traffic sites this can seem a bit daunting at first. Rest assured they all work in a very similar way…… you claim free credits for joining, earn credits from surfing, or purchase them. You then add your link to Elite Traffic Team to the advertising section on these other sites.

Remember there is no point in sharing your referral link for Elite Traffic Team on the Elite Traffic Team site…. everyone on there has already joined!

Step 5

Use the advertising provided on Elite Traffic Team site to promote your own earning sites to the other members. We have VERY active members and a LOT of people who are wanting to earn online. We do NOT just have other advertisers as members.

The best way to advertise to others is by ALWAYS using a Capture Page along with an autoresponder. I recommend you use Leadsleap tools for this. I have created a guide about how to use the free capture page tool to help you out with this part.

Step 6

You do not need to do this, but if you do you are likely to earn a LOT more (only if you are promoting Elite Traffic Team on other sites though). Step 5 is to upgrade on Elite Traffic Team (you can even use your commission to do that). It is no coincidence that upgraded members are earning the most commission.

Step 7

For extra information about earning on Elite Traffic Team read my blog post: The Easiest Way to Earn Online.

Happy Earning!

Ellie xx

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