How to Create An Automated Traffic Machine for Free (Part 1)

The main thing that everyone who works online needs to learn is how to generate a LOT of traffic. This is the part where most people either get lost, frustrated or go broke.

Today I am providing you with a method which everyone can use to create a traffic machine that never stops working AND never stops building. In other words it will provide you with unlimited traffic which runs for you without you having to do anything.

It takes time to build such a powerful traffic machine, and it will take you some effort to begin with…… but if you stick with the plan, and follow it step by step, then you will be able to spend your days doing anything you want while your business builds for you.

Step 1

You need to join 5 different traffic sites for this plan. These cover many different types of traffic, but most important is the fact these sites will pay you a small amount of cash to use them.

(Please use the links from Elite List Building and not the ones below if you have joined it already as this places you under your original sponsor instead of under me! )

The sites are:


Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Hungry for Hits

Website Traffic Rewards

Although you do not have to I also recommend you join Elite List Building as this will help you build each site above much faster. There is a lot of extra training provided for my members as well!

Start Generating Traffic and Cash

The first thing you need to do is to generate some traffic and cash. To do this you need to surf ads on Leadsleap, Infinity Traffic Boost and Hungry for Hits, and read emails on Website Traffic Rewards and Infinity Mailer Boost.

How to Surf on Leadsleap

How to Surf on Infinity Traffic Boost

How to Surf on Hungry for Hits

How to read emails on Website Traffic Rewards

How to read emails on Infinity Mailer Boost

The Increasing Traffic Plan

Earning is going to start slowly on each of these sites but you will soon have earned enough to level up your traffic.

For example, you will probably earn enough to start using the paid ads on Hungry for Hits first. You can purchase reserve a page in surf for as little as $0.20 – $1.50 on there. This is the first step up from manual generation of traffic and will increase your page views considerably.

Next, you will earn enough to purchase TPO1 on Infinity Traffic Boost. This costs just a few $$ and is the beginning of truly automating your traffic. With this purchase you will start your traffic running 24/7 without having to earn the ad credits first.

Pro tip for you here…… by joining and promoting Elite List Building while you are surfing for credits and cash on the sites above you will start to get referrals on Infinity Traffic Boost, and doing this will help you reach TPO1 faster. On this site you earn a little daily reward from your team members activity levels as well as your own.

The next site you are likely to have earned enough to upgrade is Infinity Mailer Boost. That one just costs a few $$ to upgrade too. You earn that extra team building daily bonus here as well. Promoting Elite List Building means you are working on building this account at the same time as the others.

Double Pro Tip: Working in a way that builds multiple accounts instead of trying to build one account then another then another is MUCH more effective. It will get you where you want to go a LOT FASTER….. (Thats why I created Elite List Building in the first place).

With a consistent approach to using each of the 5 sites above daily, you will earn your way forward to having all of them upgraded (and getting a LOT more traffic running for you).

If you prefer to move forward faster you can of course pay for the upgrades for these sites out of pocket instead of waiting to earn them first…… BUT remember to keep working on team building for each site (by promoting Elite List Building or each site individually if you prefer that option). The truth is you can quickly run out of cash by trying to pay your way forward towards traffic automation without a team coming behind you.

Summary of Part 1 Traffic Automation Plan

Just to confirm, this first part of the traffic automation plan is all about using the 5 sites named above each day. You are earning ad credits and cash at the same time by doing this.

When you have earned enough cash to do so, you put it back into each site to ugrade to using paid traffic options. This will help you move towards full traffic automation.

Its important that you are also working on team building for each traffic site – this is the real secret to traffic automation as you will see in part 2 of this plan.

Happy Traffic Building

Ellie xx

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