How to Create A Capture Page for Free

When you work online one of the most important tools you can use is a Lead Capture Page. Also known as a squeeze page, or a landing page, this is designed specifically to help you to build your list of contacts. It is usually used in conjunction with an autoresponder account which can be set up to send out pre-written emails to everyone on your contact list.

The whole point behind a lead capture page is to literally capture the contact details of your leads so you can email them again later. The addition of an autoresponder account is what allows you to set up automation that works for you while you spend your time as you choose.

If you have ever heard the saying “The Fortune is in the Follow Up” you will no doubt already understand the importance of being able to have regular contact with your leads. The truth is the majority of sales or new registrations happen after at least 5 – 10 follow up messages have been sent to a potential customer or team member. So if you have no way to contact them the chances are high they will not convert into paid customers.

Now you know how important it is to use a capture page, lets look at how to create one. There are many tools available that you can use, but personally I love using the free landing page creator tool available to everyone on Leadsleap.

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After joining Leadsleap you need to look down the side menu for the section called ‘Landing Page Builder’ and click on My Landing Pages:

After clicking on My Landing Pages in the side menu you will be taken to a new page which looks like this:

Click on the blue Add a New Campaign button, and you will see a popup form asking you to name the campaign. This is so you can identify it in the Leadsleap back office. I suggest using a name that relates to the offer or business you want to promote. I have called mine Get Referrals on AutoPilot:

The next step is to click on the Launch Editor button as highlighted in red. Doing that will take you to a small box titled ‘choose a list manager’. Here you can choose the manager provided by Leadsleap or by a 3rd party provider. I use the Leadsleap manager most of the time.

Next you need to link this landing page to a specific email list. There is a link to list option and a create new list link:

I will assume you haven’t added a list yet, so you need to click on Add New List. A page similar to the new landing page one opens and you click on the blue add a new list button. You need to name this list (I suggest using the same name as the landing page.

After creating a list you can go back to the landing page creator page and click on the blue get list ID button. Now choose the list you have just created from the list.

You have now linked this landing page to a specific email list.

Next you need to choose a template for your landing page. You click on ‘Template’ on the side menu and you will see there are 13 templates you can choose from:

These templates are fully customizable – You can change every component to create your own unique page design.

When you click on a template it will open in the design screen. To the left and right are different menus which allow you to change everything on the page:

Simply click on any part of the visual image of the page in the middle, and the corresponding design menu will open to the right side. Here you can change the text, the size, the colour, the image etc.

The menu to the left allows you to add or remove rows and columns on the page. For example I could delete the image row (shown surrounded by dots in the design image), or add more rows etc.

Below is a video showing me editing a landing page template on Leadsleap:

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  1. Hi! Ellie, requesting – If you could find a little time to calibrate my “leadsleap – landing page” for I have a lots of entries thereat and now, am in doubt on whether; it works or not. Hoping for your further assistance.

  2. It looks like the version of Leads leap you are using is different from what I signed up. Mine does not have landing page. It has oly a page manager

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