How to Build A Profitable Account on Scarlet Clicks

When you start working on PTC sites you start to realise that each one has little differences that make quite a difference to how to use them. Today I am focusing on Scarlet Clicks to let you know about the specifics of this site.

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The Basics

Just in case you don’t know already, all PTC sites will pay you to click on ads that are presented by the other site members. Advertisers pay the site a fee to get views on their ads, and the site shares that revenue with people who are willing to view ads in exchange for payment.

Its considered a win/win situation because advertisers get to show their ads for earning opportunities specifically to people who are wanting to earn cash. Its a system that has worked well for many years.

Earning High Level Income on PTC Sites

It won’t take long for you to realise that if you take the time to click on ads on PTC sites, you will be paid a really small amount. $0.005 or even $0.001 are common payment rates for ad clicks. To earn high level income on these sites then you need to either build a large team of people you refer to the site, OR you need to use the rented referral option.

I will be focusing on the rented referral option in this post. Rented referrals, or RR’s for short, are simply team members that you pay the site to have allocated to your account. There is talk of RR’s being bots, and to be honest it really doesn’t matter if they are or not. You can use RR’s to build high level income on Scarlet Clicks as well as some other PTC sites that I will also write about. I know this for a fact because I have done it already.

How to Rent Referrals on Scarlet Clicks?

It is a very simple process to rent referrals on most PTC sites, and Scarlet Clicks is no different that others in that fact. You need some cash in your account balance to start with, and on the Rent Referrals page you choose a package you want to add. HOWEVER this is where the differences start to come into play.

You can choose to rent referrals on Scarlet Clicks for as little as $0.75 for 5 RR’s, and the maximum package is 200 RR’s for $30

The MOST important information about rented referrals however is on another page. BEFORE you rent any referrals on any PTC site you should check the rate of payment that you will be getting from them. This is usually on the membership levels page.

As you can see below Scarlet Clicks has multiple membership levels to choose from, but I want to draw your attention to one thing. The fact that free account holders get paid just 40% of the click value for referrals:

In my personal experience this 40% payment rate means that it will be very hard to make any kind of profit with a free account if you want to add rented referrals. It is fine if you want to build a team directly, but the cost of rental will basically wipe out any profit gained.

For this reason I recommend that you upgrade at least to Silver membership before renting referrals. By the way I have a Silver Yearly account myself which means I DO get paid 5% commission on upgrades from my own team members – however I am not just trying to earn some extra cash by telling you this information. If you want to try renting referrals with a free account and test it for yourself then feel free to do so. I pretty much guarantee you will find it very difficult to build your account this way.

The Profitable Plan

Ok, so here is the method that I recommend for making a profit on Scarlet Clicks with rented referrals. Note the figures are based on my experience with Scarlet Clicks and Rented Referrals however the amounts may vary on each account. You may want to have a little excess fund available as a back up, or work on extra earning options in the first month to overcome any shortfall.

The easiest method by far to get a profitable account on Scarlet Clicks is to deposit $35, use $5 to upgrade to silver monthly and rent 200 RR’s.

If you want to use a lower cost option this explains how:

  • Step 1 is to fund the account with $20 to get started. You can earn that on site by doing the ad clicks and offers etc, but in my opinion it is much quicker to use Timebucks to earn the funds first. You can use both sites for free at the same time and you will reach $20 a lot faster.
  • Step 2 is to pay $5 for the silver monthly upgrade.
  • Step 3 is to add 100 rented referrals with the other $15.
  • Step 4 is to allow the rental time on those rented referrals to count down no lower than 15 days, while saving your earnings. You should be earning roughly $0.50 – $0.60 per day with 100 RR’s. In 15 days you should have enough earnings to pay for 50 more RR’s
  • Step 5 is to use your account earnings to add more RR’s as soon as you have earned enough to do so. Aim for the 50 RR’s package, so $7.50 (the smallest packs are not enough to help you reach 200 RR’s in your first 30 days as you can only rent once per week). Adding more RR’s fast to get to 200 RR’s will help you earn enough to pay your monthly $5 AND the extending costs every month. You may wish to have another $5 on standby to pay your monthly silver membership cost the first month to make it a bit easier to manage (again Timebucks is very useful for doing this).
  • Step 6 is to keep a close eye on activity levels of RR’s. Give them about 3 – 4 days to start clicking at first, then recycle hard. If any RR’s have not clicked for 2-3 days recycle them.
  • With 150 RR’s you should be earning approx $0.8 per day so extend your first 100 RR’s by 15 days only. 100 RR’s x 0.075 = $7.50 and you should earn at least $12 in the last 15 days. Use $5 of earnings to extend your silver membership.
  • Now you should have at least 15 more days of earnings before needing to extend your second batch of RR’s. Build account earnings to $7.50 to add the second batch of 50 to bring you up to 200 RR’s. With 200 RR’s you should now be earning approx $1.20 – $1.40 per day.
  • Next step = ext your second batch of RR’s by 15 days – 50 x 0.075 = $3.75 and you should be able to earn $6 in the last 5 days.
  • If you keep extending by 15 days you should end up with an excess of funds available. Using this excess of funds only start to extend RR’s by 90 days. This will start to create the split cycle method of extending that I have explained in my post My Strategy for Managing Rented Referrals on PTC Sites
  • Continue extending the majority of RR’s for 15 days and use excess funds to extend by 90 days – you will gradually reduce the number of RR’s in the 15 day extending cycle and increase those in the 90 day ext cycle.
  • Remember to save for your monthly Silver Membership – in fact when you have the funds to do so I recommend you pay for an extra month. You can move to yearly payments to save more funds as well.

Personally I have 191 Rented Referrals at the moment and have withdrawn from Scarlet Clicks many times. I used earned funds to upgrade to Yearly Silver and I am using the split method as mentioned. At the moment I have stopped withdrawing so I can extend all RR’s to over 400 days. This will give me a full year of earnings which I can withdraw – so over $450 at the current rate I am earning.

I think that is a pretty good return on $20.

PS I have just 4 active direct referrals right now, so these figures are realistic for the number of RR’s added to Scarlet Clicks.

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Ellie xx

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