How To Advertise on Leadsleap

Today I would like to show you how easy it is to add an advert onto Leadsleap. In case you don’t know already Leadsleap is one of the top traffic and marketing sites online, and I highly recommend learning how to use it effectively.

I have already provided several how to guides for Leadsleap which focus on using the marketing tools. For example How to Create A Capture Page for Free is a guide that I suggest you use to create the pages you want to promote in your adverts. Alternatively you can import a capture page that I have created by following this guide: Done For You Free Earning Ad Campaign.

When you have a capture page ready to share, follow the step by step instructions below to add it to Leadsleap.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is copy the link for the capture page ready to paste it into the URL box when creating the advert. To do this use the side menu to navigate to the Page Manager and click on the copy button provided:

Step 2

After copying the link click on the Post Credit Ads or Post Pro Ads option in the side menu depending on which type of ad you want to post. Remember you will need to surf other ads to earn ad credits if you use the credit ad section, but Pro ads run 24/7 without any surfing required.

On the advert page click the blue button to add a new advert to your account:

Step 3

When you click on the add a new ad button a form will pop up for you to complete:

Add the link to your capture page in the top url box, add some text and an image (you can get images by searching on google or on Pixabay), then choose a category and save. If you have ad credits available you can allocate those in the form as well. Creating and submitting your ad is a quick and easy process. Below is an example advert for my Simple Success System:

Step 4

At the top of the form you can see the preview of the advert, and if you click on the blue link in the preview it will take you to your capture page. Its always a good idea to check this is working properly…..

Here is the full preview of how my ad looks to others when they are surfing:

Step 5

If you have added your advert to the credit ads section you should now make sure you surf pages daily to keep your advert running. Note that you will also earn cash as well as ad credits when you surf pages on Leadsleap. This is a great way to earn a pro upgrade which will give you 20 individual ad slots instead of the 3 provided on free accounts.

Happy Promoting

Ellie xx

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